Vocabulary (set 1)

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From today , we'll daily post a set of 10 vocabularies , useful for various competitive exams.

1. Flimsy
Meaning: not strong , light
Examples : the door was so flimsy that it got destroyed in just a single punch.

2. Tussle
Meaning : to fight vigorously
Example : they ended up tussling with the security staff.

3. Gregarious
Meaning : extrovert
Meaning : Kp members are gregarious, they enjoy the company of each other.

4. Tranquil
Meaning : calm
Example : life in Indian villages is not always tranquil.

5. Extol
Meaning : to praise
Example : the president never leave behind in extolling his team's managerial skills.

6. Voracious
Meaning:Excessively greedy and grasping
Example: He seems to be a Voracious reader
he is a voracious eater

7. Insipid
Meaning: lacking in taste
Example: she prepared  insipid tea

8. Loquacious
Meaning : chatty
Example : loquacious people tend to be gregarious.

9. Ambience
Meaning: surrounding environment
Example:park has a peaceful ambience

10. Retract
Meaning: To take something back or to take a promise back
Ex: The Minister refused to retract the statement
Synonyms: disavow,recant, repudiate

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