Vocabulary (set 2)

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As already committed , we today provide another set of 10 vocabularies(useful for various competitive exams).

1. Impel:
Meaning: urge or force
Example: Election commissioner has impelled the peoples of Bihar to cast their vote in the Assembly Polls.
Synonyms: Drive, Instigate, press on, actuate, stir up

2. Evade
Meaning : escape
Example : politicians' rhetoric skill enable them to evade the difficult questions asked in the  debates

3. Embezzlement:
Meaning: theft or misappropriation of funds placed in one's trust or belonging to one's employer.
Example: Lalu charged with embezzlement of funds in fodder scam

4. Polarize:
Meaning: Divide or cause to vibrate in a specific direction
Example: Opposition wants to polarize religions in Dadri incident

5. Chide
Meaning : to scold
Example : the manager is very quick to chide his staff for any mistake.

6. Cynic
Meaning : selfish
Example : persons who develop cynical attitude , are rarely seen contented.

7. Impeccable
Meaning : perfect
Example : Dr. APJ abdul kalam was a man of impeccable character.

8. strewn
Meaning: to scatter here and there or to spread over a wide area
Example: His dead Men and Horses strew the roads

9. Hysterical
Meaning: Excessive or uncontrolled emotions like Laughing or Crying for a prolonged period of time
Example: The Children were Hysterical during Thunderstorms

10. Convalesce
Meaning: Recovering from a shock or illness
Example: earlier doctors said that she was critically ill but now she is convalescing.
Synonyms: Recuperate, Recover

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