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Sunday, 18 October 2015

Vocabulary (Set 4)

Here is another set of 10 vocabularies , which are very useful for all competitive examinations. fix these in your mind.

1. Unbridled
Meaning : unrestricted
Example : he was in unbridled joy when he saw his name as a winner.

2. Expedite
Meaning : to speed up
Example : we will do all we can to expedite the process.

3. Unambiguous
Meaning : clear
Example : world leaders have sent a strong and an unambiguous message against terrorism.

4. Efface:
Meaning : completely remove from memory
Example :time will efface the bad memory
Synonyms: obliterate, erase,expunge,blot

5. Pacify
Meaning : To calm down,bring about calm
Example :I always pacify my mother when she loses temper.

6. Coalesce
Meaning : to come together as one, to fuse, to unite
Example : The kp  coalesce into a powerful team for creating best hub for education.

7. Perfunctory
Meaning : unenthusiastic, careless
Example : Harish made a couple of perfunctory attempts at answering the question on the test.

8. Malign
Meaning : speaking unfavourable about (Badnam karna)
Example :Opposition trying to malign the ruling government in Dadri lynching Case.

9. Audacious
Meaning :Brave, Invulnerable to fear
Example :KP member are quite audacious to face difficulty of exam due to the intense preparation.

10. Concerted
Meaning : planned

Example : These goals require concerted actions not just advice.

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