Saturday, 17 October 2015

Vocabulary(Set 3)

Dear Friends , we're really sorry for being unavailable yesterday. Hence we're posting set 3 today.

1. Dweller
Meaning : resident
Example : among the city dwellers RTI spread quickly.

2. Contrition
Meaning : state of remorseful
Example : the tears of contrition were rolling down from her eyes.

3. Embroil
Meaning : involve in an argument / conflict.
Example : Uber and Ola have been embroiled in legal battles ever since a female passenger was allegedly raped by an Uber driver.

4. Rebuke
Meaning : to scold , to chide
Example : the boy was vehemently rebuked by the teacher for cheating.

5. Amicable
Meaning: friendly
Example: KP family are good at solving any issues amicably.

6. Tout
Meaning: to praise highly, to brag publicly about.
Example: aspirants touted knowledge philic as the best platform for all types of exams.

7. Fortuitous
Meaning: accidental, occurring by chance
Example: The program's outcome was not the result of any plan but was entirely fortuitous. 
Note:- fortuitous is often misused to mean Lucky or serendipitous. Don't make the same mistake. It means merely accidental.

8. Rendezvous(pronounced as Ron - de- voo)
Meaning: A pre arranged place of meeting
Ex: Rendezvous for minister's strike is Ram leela maidan

9. Repertoire (pronounced as Re-petwa)
Meaning: the skills that an individual has
Ex: Her repertoire is limited when it comes to cooking

10 Exhort.
Meaning: to urge strongly

Example: The coach used his bullhorn to exhort us to try harder.

Enjoy Reading . . .