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Monday, 12 October 2015

"What to do in the Last 10 days" to crack teir-2, by Nishant Tyagi- Assistant in MEA(77 Rank)

"What to do in the Last 10 days" to crack teir-2, by Nishant Tyagi- Assistant in MEA(77 Rank)



Dear Friends, 

All the CGL 2015 aspirants are running their last lap before their Mains Exams. 

Atmosphere must be full of tension and anxiety for most of the aspirants. In such a situation, the following tips may be of help: 

Ø  Solve 2 papers (each of 200 marks) daily and correct them yourself/get them corrected by someone else. The second step is important as one needs to know his/her pitfalls and thereafter rectify the same. Go through the explanations of the questions which you couldn't solve/solved incorrectly. (Usually everybody executes Step 1) 


Ø  It is advisable to solve one of the 2 papers in the same time duration as that of the candidate's SSC CGL Exam. Reason is that some students feel drowsy/less attentive at particular time intervals (for instance, it will be useless to be brilliant in maths if one feels drowsy after having lunch i.e. between 2-4 pm; it sounds weird but each of us has his/her own idiosyncrasies. Similarly the late-night OWLS have a problem in waking up early and face difficulty if their exam timings are in the morning session). So please tune your body clock so that you remain most vigorous during your exam timing (either morning shift or afternoon shift).


Ø  Don't study any new study material or books. Revise English Grammar Rules and mathematics rules and concepts that you already studied


Ø  Solve mock test papers and devote fixed time to each sections and then estimate and calculate your time required  to do each section for the final Examination.


Ø  While solving Mock test papers fill bubble in OMR also and calculate time required for OMR filling or try to solve mock test in 1 hour 45 minutes. Sample OMR is already shared in website.


Ø  Time devoted to any section depend on person to person but impart 10 min for bubble filling and extra work



Ø  Try to read complete paper a one time .eave tough questions and mark them and try to solve when you review complete paper one time.


Ø  Adopt the WEAK-SPOT Revision Strategy which is as follows: Revise your Weak Spots alternatively (like today: weak spots of reasoning, tomorrow, weak spots of maths, day after tomorrow, weak spots of English). After solving paper, check it. Evaluate the TYPE OF MISTAKES u make. Are they conceptual or memory based. If conceptual, go back to books ( its never too late). If memory based (like u couldn't recall a formula) than the WEAK-SPOT REVISION strategy will take care of it. I hope it helps bro


Ø  Eat Healthy, sleep and wake up on time. 


Ø  Run at the FASTEST possible pace but DON'T OVER-EXERT yourself. At the same time, don't take the exam too lightly. It is wise to adopt Buddha's "Middle Path".


Ø  STAY CALM, RELAXED AND FOCUSED (Not many are able to do it). Friends, please remember a formula: "Mental State in the exam hall = (depends on) Mental State UNTILL u reach the exam hall".


Ø  In fact, each moment a candidate passes before entering into the exam hall decides how stable (s) he can remain within the exam hall. STABILITY of MIND is a MUST. Just as one can't cook food without heat, success can't be achieved without mental stability. 


Ø  Prayer/meditation may help in regaining equanimity. If you believe in God, please pray (on a daily basis) that HE/SHE may give u the strength and determination to give your best performance (usually everybody does it). If possible please pray for your competitors also (Not many are able to do it)



Credits Nishant Tyagi- Assistant in MEA(77 Rank)


Thank u and Best of luck to All