Tuesday, 10 November 2015

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Meaning Tricks 2

Those who have failed in their serious foray (efforts, invasion, प्रयास करना , धावा बोलना) in any
exam and are reluctant (unwilling, अन इच्छुक) to try further, have to fight the
volatility (instability, अस्थिरता ) of their mind. Leave tenuous (weak, कमजोर) thoughts, come out of
appalling (horrible, डरावना) shadow of grief, have robust (strong, मजबूत )
connotations (intention, इरादा) and mitigate (lessen, कम करना) your fear which shackles (fetter, chain, स्वेच्छा प्रकट करने से रोकना, बेड़ी, हथकड़ी) you to achieve anything, do arduous (hard, कठिन) endeavors (efforts, प्रयास), which leads you to leapfrog (jump,छलांग) from failure to success. We need to decifer (decode, अर्थ निकालना ) the failures in other way that reinforce (strengthen, मजबूत करना ) us to do more tempestuous (stormy, तूफानी) efforts.