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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Research Center, Location and Year Of Establishment-Objective

Research Center
Year Of Estb.
National Research Center on Plant Biotechnology
New Delhi
To undertake research, teaching and training personnel in the modern areas of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.
 National Center for Integrated Pest Management (NCIPM)
 New Delhi
To cater to the emerging plant protection needs of different agro-ecological zones of the country.
 National Research Center For Citrus
To undertake basic and applied research to develop technologies for improvement and increased productivity in citrus, etc.
 National Research Center for Grapes
To undertake the programmes involving basic and strategic research for resolving the major biotic and abiotic constraints affecting the grapes production, productivity and sustain productivity and promote diversification to wine production and other value added products
 National Research Center for Banana
 Tamil Nadu
To undertake basic and strategic research for developing technologies to enhance productivity and utilization of    Banana. To develop improved cultivators through traditional and biotechnological methods and conserve the diversity.
 National Research Center on Seed species
To conduct basic and strategic research to enhance production, productivity and quality of seed spices with special reference to export and domestic demand, etc.
 National Research Center on Pomegranate
To develop suitable varieties with high yield potential and quality fruits having resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses.
 National Research Center on Orchids
To collect, conserve, characterize and evaluate germ plasm and develop National repository of orchids and bulbous flowering plants, etc.
 National Research Center for Agroforestry
 Uttar Pradesh
To under take basic and applied research for developing and delivering technologies based on sustainable agroforestry prctices on farms, marginal and wastelands for different agroclimatic zones in INDIA, etc.
National Camel Research Center
To carryout basic and applied research on camel production and health as influenced by different farming practices, etc.
 National Research Center on Equines
To improve and conserve Marwari Horses and also to produce french male Donkeys for improving indigenous donkeys and mule production.
National Research Center on Meat
To conduct basic and applied research in the frontiner areas of meat science and technology and to
develop human resource for the fast
growing meat sector.
National Research Center on Pig
To bring in excellence in pig production, health and product processing through innovative research in order to provide technology backstopping for enhanced pork production, employment generation and poverty reduction among socially and economically weaker sections through the medium of pig husbandry.
National Research Center on Yak
West Kemang
To establish a small herd of pure yaks to carry out observations on performances under range and semi-range systems of management, to conduct research on improvement of yak and its products though selection and breeding with exotic frozen semen, etc.
National Research Institute on Mithun
Identifiation, evaluation and characterization of mithun germplasm available in the country.
Conservation and improvement of mithun for meat and milk .
To act as a repository of germplasm and information centre on mithun.
National Center for Agricultural Economics and Policy Research (NCAP)
New Delhi
To strengthen agricultural economics research through integration of economics input in planning, designing, and evaluation of agricultural research programs and enhancing the competence in agricultural policy analysis within the National Agricultural Research System.