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Sunday, 8 November 2015

Vocabulary (Set 5)

Dear Member ,
I'm really sorry for being unavailable for past few days.But , Now i'm back , and you'll see the set of 10 vocabularies on regular basis.

Here is set of 10 vocabularies , which are very useful for all competitive examinations. fix these in your mind.

1.       Desecration:
Meaning:blasphemous behavior
Ex:Desecration of holy shrine for political gain is not a good practice.
Synonym:profanation, sacrilegious treatment

2.       Scuttlebutt
meaning:rumor or Gossip
Ex:kindly don't scuttlebutt about the release of Results.

3.       Demur
Meaning : to object
Example : We don't like new groups anymore , thus demurred when one of our members suggested us to have another group for mathematics.

4.       Alleviate
Meaning : to reduce
Example : government is now distributing the drugs to alleviate the dengue.

5.       Quandary
Meaning : confusion
Example : she is in a quandary whether to take up the position or not.

6.       Beckon:
Meaning: signalling from hand or nod
Example:from the Balcony he beckoned to come to his home

7.       Opulent
Meaning : luxurious , rich
Example : we're blessed to live in an opulent surrounding.

8.       Denizen
Meaning : inhabitant
Example : denizens of India are gregarious.

9.       Squall
Meaning : a sudden violent wind
Example : The ship was struck by a squall.

10.   Squander
Meaning : waste money or time recklessly
Example : the government fail to put effective measures and as a result , it has squandered a chance to usher in the "pulse revolution" India needs today.

Enjoy Reading . . . .