Daily Conversations:- January 7th, 2016

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Date- January 7th, 2016

🔴 Daily Conversations:

♦️2. Parting (Part 1)

🔸2.1 When you bid farewell to a person

🔹Good-bye until later.
🔹Good-bye until next time.
🔹Good-bye for now.
🔹I'll talk to you soon.
🔹I'll be seeing you.
🔹See you.
🔹See you around.
🔹See you later.
🔹See you soon.
🔹See you real soon.
🔹See you in a little while.
🔹See you next time.
🔹See you tomorrow.
🔹See you then.
🔹So long.
🔹I bid you a farewell.
🔹Be good.
🔹Don't be gone too long.

🔸2.2 When you bid farewell to a person at a particular time of the day

🔹Good day.
🔹Have a nice day.
🔹You have a good day.
🔹Good afternoon.
🔹Good evening.

🔸2.3 When you part with a person for the night

🔹Good night.
🔹See you in the morning.
🔹Sweet dreams.
🔹Sleep well.
🔹Sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.
🔹Night-night. (Chiefly to a child)

🔸2.4 When you are about to take leave of a person

🔹It was good to see you.
🔹It was nice to see you.
🔹Nice to see you.
🔹I hope to see you again sometime.
🔹It's been good talking to you.
🔹It's been good to talk to you.
🔹It's been nice talking to you.
🔹Nice talking to you.
🔹Take care.
🔹Take care of yourself.
🔹All the best to you.
🔹All the best to your brother.
🔹Give my best to your sister.
🔹Say hello to your cousin for me.
🔹Remember me to your friends.

🔸2.5 When a person leaves on a journey

🔹Have a good trip!
🔹Have a nice trip.
🔹Have a safe trip.
🔹Have a safe journey.
🔹Have a nice flight.
🔹Bon voyage!
🔹I'll miss you.


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