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Sunday, 10 January 2016

Daily Conversations:- January 9th, 2016

Knowledge philic

Hello philic's,
We are initiating a new domain of English which will build your English conversation as well as grammar.

Date- January 9th, 2016

🔴 Daily Conversations:

♦️3. Asking How Somebody Is
🔸3.1 When you ask how somebody is in general

🔹How are you doing?
🔹How are you today?
🔹How's the world been treating you?
🔹Are you doing OK?
🔹Are you OK?
🔹How are you feeling?
🔹How do you feel?
🔹How's my boy?

🔸3.2 When you ask how things are going

🔹How're things?
🔹How're things going?
🔹How're things with you?
🔹How's every little thing?
🔹How's everything going?
🔹How're you getting on?
🔹Is everything OK?
🔹What have you been doing lately?
🔹What have you been up to?
🔹How's life?
🔹How's business?
🔹How's work?
🔹How's the family?
🔹How's the wife?

🔸3.3 When you ask about recent developments

🔹What's new?
🔹What's the news?
🔹What's happening? 
🔹What's up?
🔹What's cooking?
🔹What's the deal?
🔹What's the scoop?
🔹What's going on around here?
🔹Is anything going on?
🔹What else is new?

🔸3.4 When you are healthy and doing well

🔹I'm doing just fine.
🔹I'm doing fine.
🔹I'm just fine.
🔹I'm fine.
🔹I'm doing OK.
🔹I'm OK.
🔹I'm doing well.
🔹I'm well.
🔹I'm good.
🔹I'm great.
🔹I can't complain.
🔹I have nothing to complain about.
🔹I couldn't ask for more.
🔹I've been keeping out of trouble.
🔹I've never been better.
🔹I couldn't be better. 
🔹Things couldn't be better.
🔹Everything's coming up roses.
🔹I'm sitting pretty.

🔸3.5 When you are generally doing well

🔹Pretty good.
🔹I'm getting by.
🔹I'm just getting by.
🔹I've been getting by.
🔹Could be worse.
🔹Things could be worse.
🔹Same as always.
🔹Same as usual.
🔹Plugging along.

🔸3.6 When you are not doing well

🔹Not good.
🔹Not so good.
🔹Not too good.
🔹Not well.
🔹Not so well.
🔹Not too well.
🔹Not great.
🔹Not so great.
🔹Could be better.
🔹Things could be better.
🔹Things haven't been easy.
🔹I've seen better days.
🔹I've had better days.

🔸3.7 When you have been busy

🔹I've been busy.
🔹I've been keeping busy.
🔹I've been keeping myself busy.





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