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Sunday, 24 January 2016

IDIOMS part-2


♦️11. be all thumbs (US)
= be all fingers and thumbs (UK)

🔸Meaning: very awkward and clumsy, especially with one's hands.

🔹Example: "Henry was all thumbs with the new baby, not knowing how
to hold her."

♦️12. be all wet (US) (informal)

🔸Meaning: to be entirely confused or wrong; mistaken.

🔹Example: "You’re all wet if you think it’s a good idea to let a 15-year old stay home alone for the weekend."

♦️13. and how!

🔸Meaning: an expression to exclaim agreement. really! indeed! definitely!

🔹Example: "Did you enjoy the play?" ~ "And how! it was wonderful."

◈ Usage notes: usually used as a separate sentence, as in the example.

♦️14. the apple of sb's eye

🔸Meaning: a favorite person; the person who someone loves most and is very proud of.

🔹Example: "Jeannie, my youngest sister, was the apple of my father’s eye."

♦️15. apples and oranges

🔸Meaning: two totally different things or people.

🔹Example: "Talking about her current book and her previous best-seller is like comparing apples and oranges."



♦️16. tied to someone's apron strings

🔸Meaning: wholly dependent on or controlled by a woman, especially one's mother or wife.

🔹Example: "Even at 25 Kevin was tied to his mother’s apron strings."

♦️17. armed to the teeth

🔸Meaning: heavily armed with deadly weapons, also could be verbal weapons.

🔹Example: "The robbers were armed to the teeth when they robbed the bank."

♦️18. around the clock

🔸Meaning: 24 hours a day; all day and all night without stopping.

🔹Example: "Doctors and nurses worked around the clock to help those injured in the train crash."

♦️19. (just) around the corner

🔸Meaning: going to happen (very) soon; very close.

🔹Example: "Spring is here and baseball season is just around the corner."

♦️20. asleep at the switch
= asleep at the wheel

🔸Meaning: inattentive to the job that is supposed to be done; neglecting one's responsibilities.

🔹Example: "At the critical moment the watchman was asleep at the switch and only called the fire department when it was too late."