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Sunday, 24 January 2016



♦️01. an accident waiting to happen

● Meaning: a very dangerous situation in which an accident is very likely; a disaster in the making.

¤ Example: "The speed that people drive along this road, it's an accident waiting to happen."

♦️02. accidentally on purpose

● Meaning: deliberate, but meant to look like an accident.

¤ Example: "I've never liked these glasses of Peter's. I might drop them one day - accidentally on purpose."

♦️03. (an) ace up your sleeve
(US also) an ace in the hole

● Meaning: make a bad or intense situation worse.

¤ Example: "The manager has an ace up his sleeve. He’ll surprise us with it later."

→ Origin: This comes from poker; an ace, hidden in one’s hand, is often useful to have at the end of the game.

♦️04. add fuel to the fire
Also, add fuel to the flames

● Meaning: make a bad or intense situation worse.

¤ Example: "He added fuel to the fire when he came in late for work after having taken four days off without permission."

♦️05. add insult to injury

● Meaning: to make a bad situation worse; to further hurt one who is already injured.

¤ Example: "In the beginning of the exercise there was a big storm, then to add insult to injury our vehicle broke down.



♦️06. go against the grain

🔸Meaning: to do sth different from what is normal or natural;  to defy convention.

🔹Example: "Why can't you just do it the way everyone else does? Why do you always have to go against the grain?"

→ Origin: From the fact that wood is easier to cut along the line of the grain. (grain here means the natural direction of lines in wood, cloth, etc. )

♦️07. ahead of time

🔸Meaning: before the expected time; early.

🔹Example: "We started the meeting ahead of time so that we could go home early."

♦️08. be all ears

🔸Meaning: to be very eager to hear what someone is going to say.

🔹Example: "Do you want to hear what happened at the party last night?" - "Oh yes, I'm all ears".

♦️09. against all odds

🔸Meaning: in spite of the low chances, against the chances.

🔹Example: "Against all odds, she managed to win the trophy."

♦️10. be all the rage (informal)

🔸Meaning: very popular or fashionable at the moment.

🔹Example: "Wearing a rope instead of a belt was all the rage in those days."

→ Origin: Based on the use of "the rage" meaning "a short-lived fad or craze".