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Nice words and their meanings,,,,,

Topic 1 : "Grand words, but sobering reality"

Sobering - making you feel serious and thoughtful

Optimism - hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something

Emphasising - giving special importance or value to (something) while speaking or writing

Convergence - the act of coming closer.

Collaborative - involving two or more ​people (groups) ​working together for a ​special ​purpose.

Even keel - regular and ​well-balanced and not ​likely to ​change ​suddenly.

Notwithstanding - in spite of something

Kerfuffle - noise, ​excitement, and ​argument

Wrinkle - a ​problem, usually a ​small one

Disruptive - causing ​trouble and ​therefore ​stopping something from ​continuing as ​usual

Detention - keep (someone) in official custody (for questioning about a crime or in a politically sensitive situation)..

Bonhomie - cheerful friendlines

Diverse - very different

Counterterrorism - political or military activities designed to prevent terrorism

At the helm - officially ​controlling an ​organization

Trilateral - involving three parties

Emanating - spreading out from a source

Paralysed - unable to ​move or ​act

Brawls - fight in a rough or noisy way

Spiralling -  a ​situation gets ​worse and is ​difficult to ​control because one ​bad ​event ​causes another

Hostility - fighting in a ​war

Chasm - a very ​large ​difference between two ​opinions or ​groups of ​people

Suspicion - a feeling or thought that something is possible

Mandarins - a ​person who has a very ​important ​job in the ​government (powerful)

Perceived -  come to realize or understand something

Travesty - a false representation of something.

Complicity - involvement in a ​crime or some ​activity that is ​wrong.

Chastise - to ​criticize someone ​severely

Conundrum - a confusing and difficult problem.

Stemming - to take origins.

Legitimate - allowed by ​law.

Hangs over something -  ​a problem exists at something (India).

Signatory - someone who signs an agreement (person / organization / country).

Spate - a ​larger ​number of ​events (​especially ​unpleasant ​ones) ​happening at the same ​time

Squabbles - an ​argument over something that is not ​important

Dispute - a disagreement or argument

Accurate - correct in all details

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