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Saturday, 16 January 2016

Trick to learn parts of the constitution

Trick to learn parts of the constitution

Hello philic's

We are imparting the trick of very crucial chapter of constitution rote it and enjoy!

Let's glance!

🔷 U Ci F DI में US Bhi UP se आगे है 🔷

▶️I-U-union & Its Territory:Articles 1-4 Territory of India,, admission,,establishment or formation of new states

▶️II -Ci-Citizenship:Articles 5-11 Citizenship

▶️III-F-Fundamental Right:Articles 12-35 Fundamental Rights

▶️IV-Di-Directive Principles of State Policy
IV A:Articles 36-51 Directive Principles of State Policy

▶️V-U-Union:Articles 52-151 Government at the Union level

▶️VI-S-State:Articles 152-237 Government atthe State level

▶️VII-B-Deals with States in Part of B of its schedule
:Article 238 Deals with states in Part B of the First Schedule. It was repealed by 7th Amendment in 1956.

▶️VIII-U-Union Territory:Articles 239-241 Administration of Union Territories

▶️IX-P-Panchayats:Article 242-243 Territories in Part D of the First Schedule and other territories. It was repealed by 7thAmendment in 1956

▶️X-S-Provision for Schedule & Tribal Area:Articles 244-244 A Scheduled and tribal areas

🔷 Trick: Re Fi  Tra  Se Election    Pe गया m  booth 🔷

Pronounce (Refi Tram Se Election Booth Pe गया)

▶️11–Re-Relation between Union & State:Articles 245-263

▶️12–Fi-Finance, Property, contracts, Suits:Articles 264-300

▶️13–Tra- Trade, Commerce :Articles 301-307

▶️14-Se- Services under the UNION & STATES:Articles 308-323

▶️15–Election- Election & Election Commission:Articles 324-329

▶️16–P-Provisions related to certain classes- SC/ST & ANGLO INDIANS:Articles 330-342


Pronounce – (लीmats)

▶️17.L– Language :Articles 343-351 Officiallanguages

▶️18.E– Emergency Provisions :Articles 352-360

▶️19.M–Miscellionus :361-367  Miscellaneous provision regarding exemption of the President and governors from criminal proceedings

▶️20.A- Amedments of constitution :Article 368

▶️21.T–Temporary, Transition & special Privisons :Article369-392

▶️22.S– Short title, Commencment & Repeal of the constitution :Articles 393-395

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