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Thursday, 25 February 2016

English Anthem :- Day 2

English Anthem :- Day 2
Hello dear,
Welcome to the 2nd episode of highest & most viewed article by tons of fervent readers. Thanking you from inner core of the heart for grand love and support to the article. Once again enjoy the same and brush up your English.
We have taken the responsibility to enhance English in all possible periphery, this article " English Anthem" is just started after the  great demand of kp readers. Afterr eading this stuff you'll infer English is fun, if you learn like Philic's(diehard lover).
Let's start our anthem..
First of all we wish to focus some common mistakes of English grammar, learning slowly and incessantly you'll grab a lot.
  🕸 ♦️ ♦ @common mistakes
➖Misuse of the infinitive➖
1. Used to + -ing.
✖️Don't say: She's used to get up early.
✔️Say: She's used to getting up early.
➖Misuse of the infinitive➖
2. Avoid + -ing.
✖️Don't say: You can't avoid to make mistakes.
✔️Say: You can't avoid making mistakes.
Note: Also can't help (= can't avoid): I can't help laughing.
@common mistakes
➖Misuse of the infinitive➖
3. Enjoy + -ing.
✖️Don't say: I enjoy to play football.
✔️Say: I enjoy playing football.
Note: Use the gerund or to + infinitive after verbs meaning to like or to dislike: He likes reading English books, or He likes to read English books.
@common mistakes
➖Misuse of the infinitive➖
4. Excuse + -ing.
✖️Don't say: Please excuse me to be so late.
✔️Say: Please excuse my being so late. Or: Please excuse me for being so late.
@common mistakes
➖Misuse of the infinitive➖
5. Go on (continue) + -ing.
✖️Don't say: The music went on to play all day.
✔️Say: The music went on playing all day.
Note: Also keep on: She kept on playing the piano.
Now clutch to another section that is difference between words.
🕸 ♦️ ♦  The differences among
Refugee & Fugitive
& Asylum seeker 🤔🤔
☝️🏼The all are people who have left their countries, because of some unpleasant reasons.
✍A Refugee is a person who has been Forced to leave their country due to political,religious,.... reasons or because of a war.
✍Fugitive is a person who has left left their country, as a result of a terrible crime they had committed.
✍Asylum seeker is a person whose country has asked another country to live there due to his own willingness or desire or they may have no choice but to do this.
1⃣ Terrorists are often fugitives whom the Interpol want to arrest them at once.
2⃣ Afghan people are Refugees who have abandoned their country due to lack of jobs and The US military forces invasion.
3⃣  Some years ago, There have been a lot of Asylum seekers from Iran who wanted to live in Australia or Germany.
Ohh yes!!!
We are moving towards some Important vocab and grammatical rules,  swoting that you easily dive deep in the ocean of why are waiting.
Just glance.
🕸 ♦️ ♦ word anthem of the Day 🕸
💡Plunge – verb – devotes oneself fully to -डूबना
✒Synonym – submersion, venture
✒Antonym – ascent, increase
💬E.g. He plunged himself into his studies.
🕸 🕸 ♦️ ♦ Idiom anthem of the Day 🕸
🔅An apple of discord:
💡Cause of quarrel
💬E.g: Ancestral Property is an apple of discord between two brothers.
🕸 ♦️ ♦ One word substitution  anthem of the Day
💡One who is unable to pay his debts.(syn.-Insolvent)
💡a person appointed by two parties tobsolve a dispute.
💡One who is not sure about God's existence.
🕸 ♦️ ♦ Grammar Rule  anthem of the Day🕸
💡Rule III of verb* :
🔅'Neither,either,none,anyone,each,every used as pronoun or adjective should be followed by third person singular verbs.
💬For example
✒Neither of the two boys have done it (use 'has' in place of 'have')
✒Each of the students are obedient.(use 'is' in place of 'are')
✒Either of us has done his work .(correct)
✒Every boy and every girl has been invited.(correct)
🔅when None is used with countable nouns both singular and plural verbs are correct. But with uncountable noun singular verb is correct.
✒None of the boys has/have done home work. (Correct)
✒None of the work is completed.(correct)
🔅when 'each' is used after subject the verb is plural.
✒we each have taken our bags.(correct)
✒They each are honest. (Correct)
Accelerating the gear, move to very funny as well interesting topic,  how to conversate with other in impressive way.
So continue....
Daily Conversations: anthem
♦️ ♦ 2. Unpleasant Conversations (Part 1 of 5)
🔸2.1 When you respond to an arrogant person
🔹What makes you so special?
🔹Who do you think you are?
🔹Whom do you think you're talking to?
🔹You're so vain.
🔹The world doesn't revolve around you.
🔹Do you think the world revolves around you?
🔹Do you think you're the center of the universe?
🔹You think you're pretty smart, don't you?
🔹You think you're so smart?
🔹You're a smart-ass.
🔹You're a smart aleck.
🔸2.2 When you want to stop a person from being arrogant
🔹Don't overstep your bounds.
🔹Don't talk back to me!
🔹Don't get smart with me.
🔹Hold your tongue!
🔹Watch your mouth!
🔹Watch yourself.
🔹Watch it!
🔸2.3 When you are shocked with somebody's rudeness
🔹How dare you!
🔹Excuse me?
🔹Pardon me?
🔹I beg your pardon?
🔹The nerve of you!
🔹What a nerve!
🔹You've got a lot of nerve!
🔹You have a lot of nerve!
🔸2.4 When a person is being annoying
🔹You are really trying my patience.
🔹You would try the patience of a saint.
🔹You're driving me up the wall.
🔹You're driving me nuts.
🔹You just like to hear yourself talk.
🔹Don't bother me.
🔹Stop bothering me.
🔹Stop pestering me.
🔹I've had enough!
🔹Give me a rest!
🔹Give me a break!
🔸2.5 When you call a person annoying
🔹You're a pain in the neck.
🔹You're a pain in the ass.  (Vulgar)
🔹You're a pain in the butt.  (Vulgar)
🔹You're a pain in the rear.  (Euphemistic)
🔹You're bothering me.
🔹You grate on me.
🔹You grate on my nerves.
🔹You get on my nerves.
After studying a lot, test yourself via this short quiz, we'll post answer key tonight.
/Quiz 1
1.She works ---- Saturday.
2. I stay at home ---- the morning.
3. How do you get to work? ----.
⚪️By car
⚪️In car
⚪️By the car
⚪️On car
4. Do you like classical music? ----.
⚪️Yes, I likes
⚪️Yes, I like
⚪️Yes, I does
⚪️Yes, I do
5. Where is Mary? She ---- over there.
⚪️is stand
⚪️is standing
6. I am hungry. ---- something to eat, please.
⚪️I like
⚪️I'd want
⚪️I'd like
⚪️I'm like
7. He ---- born in 1963 in America.
8. Switzerland is ---- than Britain.
⚪️as small
⚪️more small
9. Motor racing is the ---- sport in the world.
⚪️most expensive
⚪️more expensive
⚪️as expensive
10. He passed his English exam very ----.
 Send your ans in comment box and match after  the answer key is posted.
We wish to hear from you, how the post is? If you found this article ''English anthem'' useful just text your complaint to us, your suggestions are also invited and on our eye, we'll try our optimum to provide best for  boosting English in lucid way.
Thanks Kp :)
- Ashutosh tiwari
-Anand singh