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Let's start our anthem..
First of all we wish to focus some common mistakes of English grammar, learning slowly and incessantly you'll grab a lot.

📢 @ common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖

6. Angry with, not against.

✖️Don't say: The teacher was angry against him.

✔️Say: The teacher was angry with him.

Note 1: We get angry with a person but at a thing: He was angry at the
weather (not: with the weather).

Note 2: Also annoyed with, vexed with, indignant with a person, but at a

➖Using the wrong preposition➖

7. Anxious (= troubled) about, not for.

✖️Don't say: They're anxious for his health.

✔️Say: They're anxious about his health.

Note : Anxious meaning "wishing very much" takes for: Parents are anxious
for their children's success.

➖Using the wrong preposition➖

8. Arrive at, not to.

✖️Don't say: We arrived to the village at night.

✔️Say: We arrived at the village at night.

Note : Use "arrive in" with countries and large cities: Mr Smith has
arrived in London. (Or New York, India, etc.)

➖Using the wrong preposition➖

9. Ashamed of, not from.

✖️Don't say: He's now ashamed from his conduct.

✔️Say: He's now ashamed of his conduct.

Note : It isn't correct to use "ashamed of" meaning "shy". Ashamed means feeling shame or guilt about something. Shy means feeling nervous with someone. Instead of saying: I'm ashamed (or shamed) of my teacher, say: I'm shy of my teacher.

➖Using the wrong preposition➖

10. Believe in, not to.

✖️Don't say: We believe to God.

✔️Say: We believe in God.

Note : "To believe in" means to have faith in. "To believe" (without the "in") means to regard something as true: I believe everything he says.

Now clutch to another section that is difference between words.

The difference among 
Harsh & Strict & Tough & Stern & Authoritarian & Firm🤔

☝️The all adjectives are used for a person who is not easygoing and obeys the rules and cares about regulations.

✍Harsh is used for someone who   punishes or criticizes the
rule-breaker severely.

✍Tough is used for someone who  cares about obeying the rules in order to make the situation better.

✍Firm is used for someone who  shows that everything is under their control and other people must know who's in charge.

✍Strict is used for parents and teachers who cares about rules.

✍Authoritarian is used for politicians and governmental staff who insists on obeying the rules.

✍stern is used for someone who is rather unfriendly and wants the rules obeyed.

1⃣ wow! What strict teachers you have!

2⃣ I really hate your grandfather. I haven't seen such a stern person in my life.

3⃣ come on! Don't be so harsh on him. he's just a teenager.

4⃣we really need authoritarian politicians who fight against corruption.

5⃣ Hey we know that you're our supervisor. You don't need to be be too firm with your employees.

6⃣ I like his character. He is too tough when it comes to obeying the rules of job.

Ohh yeah!!!
We are moving towards some Important vocab and grammatical rules,  swotting that you easily dive deep in the ocean of English....so why are waiting.Just glance.🕸

🕸 Word anthem of the Day 🕸


💡Sabotage – verb – destroy property or hinder normal operation - बिगाड़ना

🔑Synonym – undermine, subvert

🔑Antonym – assistance, fix

💬E.g. Drinking alcohol after a workout will sabotage your efforts.


🕸 Paronym anthem of the Day 🕸

🔅Amicable: friendly
💬Finally the two brothers came to an amicable settlement

🔅Amiable: lovable,obliging
💬Being an amiable house wife she is liked by her kith and kin.


🕸 Idiom anthem of the Day 🕸

🔅 Feather in one's cap

💡Meaning : additional success.

💬sentence: My success in M.tech exams has added a new feather in my cap.


🕸One word substitution anthem of the Day:

💡A person who writes  beautiful writing.

💡One who draws maps.


🕸Grammar Rule anthem  of the Day🕸

🔅Rule XI of verb* :

💡When negative ideas are introduced in a noun clause with the following verbs in principal clause,it is advisable to make principal clause in negative.

📢Note: This rule doesn't apply to 'I hope '.

💬for example:
  ✒️I don't think he will pass.        (correct)
   ↘️  I think he will not pass(Incorrect)

 ✒️I don't suppose she will pass(correct)
 ↘️  I Suppose she will not pass(Incorrect)

Accelerating the gear, move to very funny as well interesting topic,  how to conversate with other in impressive way.So continue....
Daily Conversations anthem:

🔴 Daily Conversations:

♦️24. Food, Eating, Cooking

🔸24.1 When you are hungry

🔹I'm hungry.
🔹I'm starving.
🔹I'm starved.  (esp. US)
🔹I'm famished.
🔹I'm so hungry I could eat a horse.

🔸24.2 When you ask about a meal

🔹What's for dinner?
🔹What's to eat?
🔹What are we having?
🔹When do we eat?
🔹When will dinner be ready?
🔹What's for dessert?

🔸24.3 When you announce a meal

🔹It's time to eat.
🔹Dinner is ready.
🔹Dinner is served.
🔹Dinner is almost ready.
🔹Soup's on!
🔹It's almost done.
🔹It will be on the table in a minute.

🔸24.4 When you ask a family member to announce a meal

🔹Call the family to dinner.
🔹Go tell everyone dinner's ready.
🔹Call everyone to the table.

🔸24.5 When you offer a person a small portion of food

🔹Would you like a taste?
🔹Would you like a sip?
🔹How about a small bite?
🔹Grab a bite.
🔹Try some.

🔸24.6 When you ask about blessings of the food

🔹Who wants to say grace?
🔹Shall we say grace?
🔹Would you say grace?

🔸24.7 When you invite others to start eating

🔹Dig in!
🔹Enjoy your meal!
🔹Help yourself.

🔸24.8 When you want to tell the taste of food (good or bad)

🔹That tastes great!
🔹My mouth is watering.
🔹It melts in your mouth.  (Here "your" may be impersonal and mean "one".)
🔹It's out of this world.
🔹That tastes terrible.
🔹That turns my stomach.
🔹That's just awful!

🔸24.9 When you talk about a second serving

🔹Would you like some more of this?
🔹Have some more.
🔹Is there any more of this?

🔸24.10 When you want to leave the table early

🔹Do you mind if I leave the table?
🔹May I please leave the table?  (used with "can" or "may" or "could".)
🔹Would you excuse me?  (used with "would" or "could" or "will".)
🔹May I be excused?  (used with "can" or "may" or "could".)
🔹I'll have to excuse myself.

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