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Friday, 11 March 2016

English Anthem day:- 15

English Anthem day:- 15

Hello dear,
Welcome to the 15th episode of highest & most viewed article by tons of fervent readers. Thanking you from inner core of the heart for grand love and support to the article. Once again enjoy thesame and brush up your English.

We have taken the responsibility to enhance English in all possible periphery, this article " English Anthem" is just startedafter the  great demand of kp readers. Afterreading this stuff you'll infer English is fun, if you learn like Philic's(diehard lover).Let's start our anthem..First of all we wish to focus some common mistakes of English grammar, learning slowly and incessantly you'll grab a lot.

📢 @ common_mistakes➖

➖Using the wrong preposition➖

31. Exchange for, not by.

✖️Don't say: He exchanged his collection of matchboxes by some foreign stamps. 

✔️Say: He exchanged his collection of matchboxes for some foreign stamps. 

Note: In changes for: He gave them his old car in exchange for a new one.

📢 @ common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖

32. Fail in, not from.

✖️Don't say: Steven failed from maths last year.

✔️Say: Steven failed in maths last year.

📢 @ common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖

33. Full of, not with or from.

✖️Don't say: The jar was full with (or from) oil.

✔️Say: The jar was full of oil.

Note: Fill takes with: Jane filled the glass with water.
📢 @ common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖

34. Get rid of, not from.

✖️Don't say: I'll be glad to get rid from him.

✔️Say: I'll be glad to get rid of him.

📢 @ common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖

35. Glad about, not from or with.

✖️Don't say: Francis was glad from (or with) receiving your letter.

✔️Say: Francis was glad about receiving your letter.

Now clutch to another section that is difference between words.

The difference between
Itch & Scratch🤔🤔🤔

☝️The both mean rubbing one of your body parts with your Nails.

✍ Scratch means itching Severely and it's more emphatic than itching.

☝️You usually prefer to scratch insects Bites,stings and stingers rather than itching.

😄 Extra Points 👇

☝️ sting is used for bees, Wasps and Scorpions.

☝️ Bite is used for Spiders, Ants,Snakes and Mosquitoes.

1⃣ I scratched At mosquitoes bites nonstop.

2⃣ I really like itching my head while thinking.

Ohh yeah!!!
We are moving towards some Important vocab and grammatical rules,  swotting that you easily dive deep in the ocean of why are waiting.Just glance.

🕸 Word of the Day 🕸


💡Usurp – verb – to seize or use something without authority – हड़पना

🔑Synonyms – capture, super cede

🔑Antonyms – relinquish, surrender

💬E.g. If it is necessary, the government has the right to usurp your land.


🕸 Paronym of the Day 🕸

🔅Ail: Suffer
💬Rohit is getting weaker day by day,we don't know what ails him.

🔅Ale: intoxicating drink.
💬He visits ale house daily even against the advice of doctors.


🕸 Idiom of the Day 🕸

🔅Break the news:

💡Meaning :to give bad news

💬sentence: He broke the news of her failure in the exam very gently so as to lessen the intensity of the shock.
  👆Gently:smoothly or quietly


🕸One word substitution of the Day:

💡a place for birds

💡a place where ammunition is hidden

💡a place with gambling table.


🕸Grammar Rule of the Day🕸

🔅Rule III of Noun:

💡'offspring,deer,fish,sheep'are expressed as singular or plural only by the use of verb. Both in singular and the plural they have the same form.

✍Sheeps are economically useful.(use 'sheep'in place of 'sheeps')

✍A sheep is grazing in the field .(correct)

Note: 'Fishes' may be used of different numbers and kind.


Accelerating the gear, move to very funny as well interesting topic,  how to conversate with other in impressive way.So continue....

🔴 Daily Conversations:

♦️2. Parting (Part 2)
🔸2.6 When you welcome a returning person

🔹Welcome back!
🔹Welcome back, stranger!
🔹It's nice to have you back!
🔹I missed you.
🔹We missed you around here.
🔹We've missed you around here.

🔸2.7 When you ask polite questions to a person who has just returned

🔹How did it go?
🔹How was it?
🔹How was your flight?
🔹Did everything go OK?
🔹Did you have fun?

🔸2.8 When you signal your partner that you are ready to leave a place

🔹Are you ready to go?
🔹Are you about ready?
🔹Are we ready to leave?
🔹Are you ready to part company with these people?
🔹Let's go.
🔹Let's get going.
🔹Let's get out of here.
🔹Let's hit the road.
🔹We should be on our way.
🔹Let's go somewhere where it's more quiet.

🔸2.9 When you are concerned about safety

🔹Call when you get there.
🔹Don't forget to call.
🔹Give me a call.
🔹I'll call you when I get home.

🔸2.10 When you want to keep in touch with a person

🔹Keep in touch.
🔹Let's stay in touch.
🔹I'll be in touch.
🔹I'll touch base with you.
🔹Remember to write.
🔹Write me.
🔹Let's write.
🔹Don't forget to write.
🔹Drop me a line.


Let's play Close Test-1

Mr. Chamberlain had come to get gift to thirty-five million pounds from South Africa and to win the hearts of Englishmen and Boers. So he gave a ...(1)... shoulder to the Indian deputation. 'You know', he said, that the Imperial Government has little control over self-governing colonies. Your grievances seem to be genuine. I shall do what I can, but you must try your ...(2)... to placate the 'Europeans, if you wish to live in their midst'. The reply cast a chill over the members of the ...(3).... I was also disappointed.

It was an eye opener for us all, and I saw that we should start with our work do novo. I ...(4)... the situation to my colleagues. As a matter of fact there was nothing wrong about Mr. Chamberlain's reply. It was well that he did not mince ...(5).... He had brought home to us in a rather gentle way the rule of might being ...(6)..., or the law of the sword. But sword we had none. We ...(7)... had the nerve and the muscle even to receive sword-cuts. Mr. Chamberlain had given only a short time to the sub-continent. If Sri Nagar to Cape Comorin is 1,900 miles, Durban to Cape town is not less than 1,100 miles, and Mr. Chamberlain had to cover the long distance at hurricane speed. From Natal he hastened to the Transvaal. I had to prepare the case for the Indians there as well and ...(8)... it to him. But how was I to get to Pretoria? Our people there were not in a position to ...(9)... the necessary legal facilities for my getting to them in time. The war had reduced the Transvaal to a howling wilderness. There were neither provisions nor clothing available. Empty or closed shops were there, waiting to be ...(10)... or opened, but that was a matter of time.

(1) cold  
(2) cool
(3) hot 
(4) warm
(5) left

(1) hard 
(2) best
(3) least 
(4) fate
(5) hate

(1) reputation
(2) crowd
(3) delegate 
(4) leader
(5) deputation

(1) expressed
(2) said
(3) explained
(4) exclaimed
(5) denied

(1) lectures 
(2) matter
(3) topic 
(4) words
(5) deals

(1) wrong 
(2) right
(3) rite 
(4) bright
(5) weak

(1) hardly 
(2) rare
(3) might 
(4) do
(5) scarce

(1) through 
(2) permit
(3) submit 
(4) deposit
(5) fill

(1) secure 
(2) procure
(3) pull 
(4) fetch
(5) buy

(1) replenished
(2) fed
(3) booked 
(4) filled
(5) emptied

1. 1
2. 2
3. 3
4. 3
5. 4
5. 4
6. 2
7. 1
8. 3
9. 2
10. 1

Note- post your ans key and match with our's,  feel free to ask your doubts.

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