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Sunday, 13 March 2016

English Anthem day:- 16

English Anthem day:- 16

Hello dear,Welcome to the 16th episode of highest & most viewed article by tons of fervent readers. Thanking you from inner core of the heart for grand love and support to the article. Once again enjoy thesame and brush up your English.

We have taken the responsibility to enhance English in all possible periphery, this article " English Anthem" is just startedafter the  great demand of kp readers. Afterreading this stuff you'll infer English is fun, if you learn like Philic's(diehard lover).Let's start our anthem..First of all we wish to focus some common mistakes of English grammar, learning slowly and incessantly you'll grab a lot.

📢 @ common_mistakes➖
➖Using the wrong preposition➖

36. Good at, not in.

✖️Don't say: My sister's good in maths.

✔️Say: My sister's good at maths.

Note 1: Bad at, clever at, quick at, slow at, etc. However, weak in: He's weak in grammar.

Note 2: He's good in class means that his conduct is good.

📢 @common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖

37. Guard against, not from. 

✖️Don't say: You must guard from bad habits.

✔️Say: You must guard against bad habits.

📢 @common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖

38. Guilty of, not for.

✖️Don't say: He was found guilty for murder.

✔️Say: He was found guilty of murder.

📢 @common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖

39. Independent of, not from.

✖️Don't say: Clare's  independent from her parents.

✔️Say: Clare's  independent of her parents.

Note: We say dependent on: A child is dependent on its parents.

📢 @common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖

40. Indifferent to, not for.

✖️Don't say: They're indifferent for politics.

✔️Say: They're indifferent to politics.

Now clutch to another section that is difference between words.

The difference between
Barter & Exchange🤔🤔

☝️The both mean giving and receiving somethings to each other to satisfy your needs.

✍When you barter Something for Something else, You give or receive what you preferably Need and it's vital for you to have them.

✍When you exchange something for something else, You give or receive what you Have at the moment you May need it or you May Not.

1⃣ I was lucky that I exchanged what I had and I don't need them at all. It made no difference to me to get  essential materials from our neighbouring farmer.(☝️I gave what I had and get what other person had.)

2⃣ When human beings learnt to barter their objects they immediately gave exchanging up.(☝️Bartering is better than exchanging. because you get what you Need rather than have.)

...................................................Ohh yeah!!!
We are moving towards some Important vocab and grammatical rules,  swotting that you easily dive deep in the ocean of why are waiting.Just glance.

🕸 Word of the Day 🕸


💡Capitulate – verb – to surrender under certain terms – आत्मसमर्पण करना

🔑Synonyms – consent, yield

🔑Antonyms – resist, stand firm

💬E.g. I will not capitulate on this deal unless I receive the stock options I have requested!


🕸 Preposition of the Day🕸

🔅Abound with:

💡meaning: Full of

💬usage:The forest is abound with trees.


🕸 Paronym of the Day 🕸

💡to get admitted,acceptance.
💬These days in order to get admission to IIMs you must have a lot of money.

💬No admittance without permission.


🕸 Idiom of the Day 🕸

🔅Bury the hatchet:

💡Meaning : to make peace

💬sentence: India & Pakistan must bury the hatchet to bring about peace to the region.


🕸One word substitution of the Day:

💡the sleeping rooms in a college or public institution.

💡a squirrel's home.

💡an ornamental glass bottle for holding wine or other alcoholic drinks.


🕸Grammar Rule of the Day🕸

🔅Rule IV of Noun:

👇Some of the nouns are generally usued in the plural form with plural verb.

✍Articles of Dress.

✍Names of instruments.
'Scissors,spectacles,shears, scales'

✍Other nouns such as
'Alms,thanks,proceeds, Riches,contents,credentials, orders,refreshments requirements, customs,rations,archives, annals,ashes,arrears,assets,stairs,spirits,statistics(data),quarters,earnings,manners, outskirts, savings,auspices(support),   surroundings.

💬For example:

✒My scissors is not sharp. (use 'are'in place of 'is')

✒My spectacles is very costly (use 'are'in place of 'is')

✒A pair of spectacles has been bought by me.(correct)

✒Order for his transfer has been issued.(Incorrect)

✒Orders for his transfer have been issued.(correct)


Accelerating the gear, move to very funny as well interesting topic,  how to conversate with other in impressive way.So continue....

🔴 Daily Conversations:

♦️11. Encouragement (Part 1 of 3)

🔸11.1 When you encourage somebody to try something

🔹Give it a try.
🔹Go for it!
🔹Go on, you can do it.
🔹Give it a shot.
🔹Take a shot at it.
🔹Take your chances.
🔹Try your luck.
🔹See what you can do.
🔹It won't hurt you to try it.
🔹Keep on trying.
🔹Don't quit trying.

🔸11.2 When you encourage somebody to show some action

🔹Let's see some action.
🔹I expect to see some results soon.
🔹Aren't you going to do something?
🔹Are you going to stand there all day?
🔹Are you just going to sit there?
🔹Get going already.
🔹Get moving.
🔹Get off your a**. (Impolite)
🔹Look alive!
🔹It's now or never.
🔹No pain, no gain.

🔸11.3 When you encourage a person who is preparing for an important event

🔹This is the moment you've been waiting for.
🔹This is the big moment.
🔹This is your big night.
🔹This could be your lucky day.
🔹This is it!
🔹Break a leg.

🔸11.4 When you wish a person success

🔹Good luck!
🔹Good luck on your test.
🔹Best of luck to you!
🔹Lots of luck!
🔹I'm sure you will make us proud of you.
🔹Make us proud of you
🔹Do your best.
🔹Do the best you can.
🔹Work hard.

🔸11.5 When a person is too timid

🔹Show some courage.
🔹Show some spirit.
🔹Show a little resolve.
🔹Show some spine.
🔹Don't be spineless.
🔹Don't lose your nerve.
🔹Are you afraid of you own shadow?
🔹Have you got cold feet?
🔹Come on, loosen up.
🔹You really chickened out!



Directions (1-15): Read the following passage carefully and answer the question given below it. Some words have been printed in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.

In the olden days, students used to stay in the teacher's house and learn. At a young age, boys were sent to the teacher's house. This system of education was called 'Gurukula'.

Prabhakaran was a boy of twelve. He was staying in his teacher's house to learn Sanskrit. Prabhakaran was a good student and his teacher liked him. But the teacher didn't show his affection towards the boy. Rather, he was stricter towards him. One day Prabhakaran was not very attentive in the class. This made the teacher angry. He beat him severely. Prabhakaran wept for some time. Then he wanted to wreak his vengeance on the teacher. In his rage he decided to kill the teacher. He chalked out a plan for this; Prabhakaran would climb up to the roof of his teacher's bedroom with heavy granite stone and drop it on the teacher's head when he was asleep. So after taking the dinner, Prabhakaran went out, picked up a heavy stone and climbed to the roof of the room. After some time his teacher and his wife retired to bed. Before sleeping they talked for some time. During the talk Prabhakaran heard his name being mentioned. He listened to their conversation attentively. The teacher's wife was equally fond of Prabhakaran. She was telling the teacher, 'this morning you were very harsh on Prabhakaran. You beat him umpteen times, mercilessly. Is he not the best boy in your class? If you behave in this manner he will run away from here and you will lose a good student.'

The teacher replied, 'you are right, I should not have been so cruel to him. But you know he was not attentive in the class. I was taking an important lesson and he was talking to another boy. When I saw it I lost my temper. Prabhakaran should not miss important lessons. So I beat him in such a way that the punishment may deter him from such indifference in future.'

On hearing this, Prabhakaran became very sad. It was with good intention that the teacher punished him. He was overwhelmed with remorse. The whole night he sat on the roof. The next morning after lessons, he approached his teacher when he was alone and confessed to him everything.

1. Why did the student decide to remain on the roof whole night?
(1) He felt so guilty that he did not have courage to come down.
(2) He waited for the teacher to sleep
(3) He waited to hear the conversation in the teacher's room
(4) He did not know the way to come down
(5) None of these

2. What was the plan of the student to take revenge?
(1) To create a situation so that the teacher becomes helpless.
(2) To kill the wife of the teacher
(3) To peep into his bedroom from the roof top
(4) To crush the teacher's head with a stone at night
(5) None of these

3. In which system of education was Prabhakaran studying?
(1) The system of read and recite
(2) The system of day and night school
(3) Staying in teacher's house and work for him
(4) The Gurukula system of learning Sanskrit
(5) None of these

4. Why did the teacher not show affection to Prabhakaran?
(1) He developed hatred towards him
(2) He knew that Prabhakaran was a potential killer
(3) Prabhakaran did not have sympathy towards teacher's wife
(4) The teacher had seen him talking with other boys
(5) None of these

5. The purpose of the teacher to punish the boy was –
(1) to reform him as he was bad in studies
(2) to teach him as he was not paying attention
(3) to send message to the class to improve their behavior
(4) to make the boy vindictive
(5) None of these

6. Which behavior irritated the teacher most?
(1) Going to roof top with granite stone
(2) Listening to the bedroom conversation
(3) Indulging into the conversation with other boys during class
(4) The weeping of Prabhakaran
(5) None of these
7. In the opinion of teacher's wife, Prabhakaran was …..
(1) most dishonest, insincere boy
(2) the best student in the class
(3) a short tempered sensitive boy
(4) a student who deserved much more punishment
(5) a sycophant who used to praise the teacher for no reason

8. What was the Prabhakaran's reaction on hearing the conversation in his teacher's bedroom?
(1) should wait for the couple to sleep and kill them both
(2) how wrong am I to kill such a nice teacher
(3) I should jump onto the bed of the couple from roof top
(4) Alas! I should not have heard the conversation
(5) None of these

9. Which of the following is TRUE in the context of the passage?
(1) The Gurukula system of education was forced on Prabhakaran
(2) The teacher assaulted the student mercilessly
(3) The teacher's wife was astonished at the behavior of Prabhakaran
(4) Prabhakaran did not have guilt feeling even after hearing the conversation
(5) Prabhakaran had no plan to kill the teacher

10. Which of the following is NOT TRUE in the context of the passage?
(1) In old days boys at young age were sent to teacher's house
(2) But for bedroom conversation, Prabhakaran would not have killed the teacher
(3) Prabhakaran was the best student in the class
(4) The teacher's wife was of the view that Prabhakaran might run away
(5) The teacher was teaching an important lesson

Directions (11-12):  Which of the following words is most opposite in meaning of the word printed in bold as used in the passage?

11. Remorse
(1) greed 
(2) satisfaction
(3) morse 
(4) guilt
(5) accuracy

12. Severely
(1) harshly 
(2) calmly
(3) lightly 
(4) happily
(5) accidentally

Directions (13-15): Which of the following words is the same in meaning as the word printed in bold as used in the passage:

13. Retired
(1) tired 
(2) exhausted
(3) fell 
(4) went
(5) reclined

14. Umpteen
(1) twenty 
(2) nineteen
(3) many 
(4) regular
(5) rarely

15. Deter
(1) abstain 
(2) encourage
(3) deploy 
(4) pull
(5) stop
RC-4 Answers

1. 5

2. 4

3. 4

4. 5

5. 2

6. 3

7. 2

8. 2

9. 2

10. 1

11. 2

12. 3

13. 4

14. 3

15. 5

Note- post your ans key and match with our's,  feel free to ask your doubts.

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