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Monday, 14 March 2016

English Anthem day:- 18

English Anthem day:- 18
For UPSC, CAT, SSC, bank, LIC, MAT, MBA, NDA, CDS........
Hello dear,
Welcome to the 18th episode of highest & most viewed article by tons of fervent readers. Thanking you from inner core of the heart for grand love and support to the article. Once again enjoy thesame and brush up your English.
We have taken the responsibility to enhance English in all possible periphery, this article " English Anthem" is just startedafter the  great demand of kp readers. After reading this stuff you'll infer English is fun, if you learn like Philic's(diehard lover).Let's start our anthem..First of all we wish to focus some common mistakes of English grammar, learning slowly and incessantly you'll grab a lot.
📢 @ common_mistakes➖
➖Using the wrong preposition➖
46. Look at, not to.
✖️Don't say: Look to this beautiful picture.
✔️Say: Look at this  beautiful picture.
Note: Also: gaze at, stare at, etc. But: look after (=take care of); look for (=try to find); look over (=examine); look into (=examine closely); look on or upon (=consider); look down on (=have a low opinion of); look up to (=respect); look out for (=expect); look forward to (=expect with pleasure); look to (=rely on).
📢 @ common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖
47. Married to, not with.
✖️Don't say: Angela was married with a rich man.
✔️Say: Angela was married to a rich man.
Note: Also engaged to: Sally was engaged to Peter for a year before they got married.
📢 @ common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖
48. Opposite to, not from.
✖️Don't say: Their house is opposite from ours.
✔️Say: Their house is opposite to our house.
Note: Opposite ours is also correct. 
📢 @ common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖
49. Pass by a place, not from a place.
✖️Don't say: Will you pass from the post office?
✔️Say: Will you pass by the post office?
Note: Also pass the post office is correct.
📢 @ common_mistakes
➖Using the wrong preposition➖
50. Play for a team, not with a team.
✖️Don't say: He plays regularly with that team.
✔️Say: He plays regularly for that team.
Now clutch to another section that is difference between words.
The difference between
By a vehicle & In a vehicle & On a vehicle 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
☝️The all mean to be moved by a kind of vehicle.
✍On a vehicle is used for bigger and greater vehicle such as, Airplane, Train, coach(big bus)...
✍When you say, I go somewhere by a vehicle it means that you were a Passenger.
✍When you say, I go somewhere in a vehicle, it means that you Personally Drive it.
1⃣ I usually go to work by taxi.(☝️I am just passenger)
2⃣ I travelled in my father's car.(☝️ I personally Drove it.)
3⃣ I enjoy travelling on an airplane, a train,...

Ohh yeah!!!
We are moving towards some Important vocab and grammatical rules,  swotting that you easily dive deep in the ocean of why are waiting.Just glance.
Here is today's list of words
Here is today's list of words
1. Enfranchise – verb - to extend privileges or rights 
Synonyms – liberate, release
Antonyms – incarcerate, confine
E.g. – The civil rights laws were enacted to end discrimination and enfranchise equal rights to all citizens.
2. Propulsion – noun - a force or energy that causes progress or movement - प्रणोदन
Synonyms – thrust, push
Antonyms – impediment
E.g. – The writer used time travel as a propulsion to send his character two hundred years back in time.
3. Ruse – noun - a plan or plot to mislead someone - चाल
Synonyms – dodge, ploy
Antonyms – outspokenness, forthrightness
E.g. – Many home invaders gain access to homes by using the excuse of a lost child as a ruse.
4. Contentious – noun - causing or likely to cause an argument - विवादपूर्ण
Synonyms – aggressive, irritable
Antonyms – unargumentative, warmhearted
E.g. – A contentious person is one who likes to argue about anything.
5. Morale – noun - the enthusiasm a person or group has about their duties - हौसला
Synonyms – resolve, spirit
Antonyms – purposelessness, dread
E.g. – The basketball team is struggling on the court because of a lack of morale.

🕸 Word of the Day 🕸
💡Copious – noun - large in number or quantity - विपुल
🔑Synonyms – generous, plentiful
🔑Antonyms – scarce, minimal
💬E.g. – After receiving copious letters from viewers, the network revived the cancelled show.
🕸 Phrase of the Day 🕸
🔅Back out :
💡meaning: go back on,withdraw from promise.
💬sentence:He agreed to help but backed out at the last moment.
🕸 Preposition of the Day🕸
🔅Abstain from:
💡meaning: hold one self back(used for food habits)
💬usage:His doctor asked him to abstain from drinks.
🕸 Paronym of the Day 🕸
💡 clever.
💬she was able to change the behaviour of her in laws towards her by artful means.
💡Pertaining to art
💬Everybody admires her for artistic temperament.
🕸 Idiom of the Day 🕸
🔅Apple-pie order:
💡Meaning : in perfect order
💬sentence: On the eve of inspection everything was kept in apple-pie order.😉
🕸One word substitution of the Day:
💡a boastful fellow.😨
💡A person who is indifferent to pain and pleasures of life. 😨
💡One who lives in seclusion.
🕸Grammar Rule of the Day🕸
🔅Rule VI of Noun:
💡The use apostrophe with 's' is not correct in the case of non-living things. It is restricted only to living things,time,weight,distance,amount, or personified nouns.
📌The table's wood. (Incorrect)
📌Boy's hand.
📌Time's watch.
📌A one-kilometer's journey.
📌A rupee's  worth.
📌A night's journey
📌A metre's length
📌Nature's laws.
📌A week's holiday.
💡Two nouns in the possessive case denote plural form. When apostrophe with 's' is used with one expresses singular form.
💬for example:
📌Anand and ruby's father. (the father of both Anand and Ruby)
📌Anand's and ruby's father are meeting today.(fathers of Anand and ruby)
Accelerating the gear, move to very funny as well interesting topic,  how to conversate with other in impressive way.So continue....
🔴 Daily Conversations:
♦️11. Encouragement (Part 3 of 3)
🔸11.11 When you are ready to grab an opportunity
🔹I won't hesitate.
🔹I won't think twice.
🔹I'll do it without a second thought.
🔹I'll do it in a heartbeat.
🔸11.12 When a person is hesitating
🔹He can't make up his mind.
🔹He is dragging his feet.
🔹He got cold feet.
🔸11.13 When you are not happy about the insufficiency of somebody's efforts
🔹Is that it?
🔹Is that all?
🔹Do you call that finished?
🔹This won't do.
🔹That won't do it.
🔹That doesn't cut it.
🔹This is not a masterpiece.
🔹Once more with feeling.
🔸11.14 When you indicate that an almost done job does not count
🔹You almost had it.
🔹So near and yet so far.
🔹So close and yet so far.
🔹Close, but no cigar.
🔹You were within a hair's breadth.
🔹A miss is as good as a mile.
🔹Nice try.
🔸11.15  When a person isn't doing enough
🔹You're not helping as much as you should.
🔹You're not doing your share.
🔹You're not doing your fair share.
🔹You're not pulling your own weight.
🔹You're slacking off.
🔹Stop being such a lazybones.
🔹You're not living up to your potential.
🔹You're not living up to your end of the bargain.
🔸11.16 When you encourage a person whose attitude is improving
🔹Now you're talking!
🔹There you go!
🔹That's the way to go!
🔹That's more like it.
👉Close Test-1
Directions(1-10): In the following passage there are blanks, each of which has been numbered. These numbers are printed below the passage and against each, five words are suggested, one of which fits the blank appropriately. Find out the appropriate word in each case.
In economics, the term recession generally describes the reduction of a country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) for at least two quarters. A recession is ...(1)... by rising unemployment, increase in government borrowing, ...(2)..., of share and stock prices, and falling investment. All of these characteristics have effects on people. Some recessions have been anticipated by stock market declines. The real – estate market also usually ...(3)... before a recession. During an economic decline, high ...(4)... stocks such as financial services, pharmaceuticals and tobacco ...(5)... to hold up better. However, when the economy starts to recover growth, stocks tend to recover faster. There is significant disagreement about how health care and utilities tend to ...(6)...
In 2008, an economic recession was suggested by several important indicators of economic downturn. These ...(7)... high oil prices, which led to ...(8)... high food prices due to a dependence of food production on petroleum, as well as using food crop products such as ethanol and biodiesel as an ...(9)... to petroleum; and global inflation; a substantial credit crisis investment blanks as well ...(10)... as commercial banks in various, and signs of contemporaneous economic downturns in major economics of the world, a global recession.
(1) imagined
(3) shown
(4) visualized
(5) characterized
(1) Increase
(2) variance
(3) more
(4) decrease
(5) abundance
(1) weakens
(2) intiates
(3) awakens
(4) strengthens
(5) volatile
(1) maintained
(2) yield
(3) heavy
(4) result 
(5) payment
(1) are 
(2) want
(4) yearn
(5) made
(1) distribute
(2) recover
(3) wait
(4) increased
(5) fight
(1) meant 
(2) show
(3) numbered
(4) included
(5) encompass
(1) fearful 
(2) dangerous
(3) abnormally
(4) healthy 
(5) nutritious
(1) alternative
(2) variant
(3) substitute
(4) element 
(5) integral
(1) wealthy
(2) costly
(3) stand
(4) created 
(5) established
1. 5
2. 4
3. 1
4. 2
5. 3
6. 2
7. 4
8. 3
9. 1
10. 5

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