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Monday, 28 March 2016

Important notes.....

Biology Notes for All Competitive Exams

1--A chemical change in DNA molecule is calledmutation.
2--Glycogen acts as a shortterm food reserve inanimals.
3--Estrogen is a female sex hormone.
4--The enzyme amylase aids in the digestion of starch.
5--ATP synthesis takes place in mitochondria.
6--60%- 65% (Men) & 50- 60% (women) of the body weight of a human is water
7--Adipose tissue in human being is present below dermis.
8--The tough transparent membrane that protects the eye ball is called cornea.
9--Energy is produced in human body byCarbohydrates.
10--Cell wall and vacuoles are present in a plant cell but are absent in an animal cell.
11--Sugar is the product of the dark reactions ofphotosynthesis.
12--Melvin Kelvin was awarded Nobel Prize for his work on Photosynthesis
13--Chlorophyll contains magnesium in granae.
14--The largest flower in the world is Refflessia and the smallest one is wolfessia.
15--Penicillin is obtained from penicillium Notatum.
16--Reserpine derived from the plant 'serpentine' is used to alleviate high blood pressure.
17--Plants, living in acidic soils, are calledoxalophytes.
18--Bile is produced in liver and stored in gel bladder.
19--The smallest bone, lies stapes is found in the human ear.
20--Enzymes are basically proteins.
21--Mitochondria is called the 'power house of the cell'
22--Pancreas is both an endocrine and exocrine gland.
23--Seedless fruits are formed byparthenogenesis.
24--Simple plants that contain no chlorophyll are called fungi.
25--Spirogyra is commonly known as 'pond silk'
26--The longest muscle in the human body is found in thigh.
27--In some leaves, the outermost layer of cells secrets continuous waxy layer, called cuticle.
28--In a leaf, the opening between two guard cells is stomata.
29--Gibberellins are responsible for cell elongation.
30--The chemical name of chlorophyll ismagnesium Dihydro prophysin.

By::  Shubham mishra