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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Railway exam 29 March all shift Questions

RRB -29 MARCH 2016 questions

Hello philic's
We have received the following questions from aspirants who have appeared for today's exam . If you have any more questions from the exam, then do share it in the comment section.

Let's start.....
RRB Exam 29th march 1st Shift  Questions.

⏩⏩ Which Organ can grow and regenerate?Ans.liver

⏩⏩ Paper were invented in which country?Ans.China.

⏩⏩ Where is the headquarter of Unesco?Ans.Paris, France

⏩⏩Which Gases Causing greenhouse effect?Ans.water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and ozone.

⏩⏩ Where is the headquarter of Interpol?Ans.Lyon, France

⏩⏩ 'Tee' term associated with which sports?Ans.Golf

⏩⏩ Who is current Chief justice of India?Ans.JusticeTS Thakur

⏩⏩ Who is known as semant(Frontier)  Gandhi?Ans.Khan Abdul Gaffar khan

⏩⏩Who wrote  National song of India?Ans.Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay,

⏩⏩ Where is Kunchilal water falls?Ans.Karnataka

⏩⏩The  Largest non polar desert in the world?Ans.Sahara

⏩⏩ where is the island of Sychelles located?Ans.Mahe

⏩⏩ Which country is Land locked country?Ans.Liechtenstein in Central Europe, surrounded by Switzerland and Austria.

⏩⏩ Pollination by wind is called?Ans.Anemophily or wind pollination

⏩⏩The Brightest star in our sky?Ans.Sirius

⏩⏩ Who was the Last Mughal emperor?Ans.Bahadur Shah Zafar

⏩⏩ Which Day Environment day is celebratedAns.5 June

⏩⏩ In which year Quit India Revolution started?Ans.8 August 1942

⏩⏩Currency of Thailand is?Ans.Thai baht

⏩⏩ Which is the Smallest bone in human body?Ans.stapes

⏩⏩ Who's the father of Subhash chandra bose  ?Ans.Janakinath Bose

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⏩⏩ A Passage to Infinity: Medieval Indian Mathematics from Kerala and Its Impact written by?Ans.George Gheverghese Joseph

⏩⏩ Mangalyan launched from which station?Ans.Sriharikota

⏩⏩ in which game Queen berry rules is used?Ans.modern boxing

⏩⏩ A Deep crack in glacier is called?Ans.crevasse

⏩⏩ Largest fresh water lake is?Ans.Lake Baikal

⏩⏩ Granite is an example of which rock?Ans.Igneous

⏩⏩ Who was the founder of Din-i-illahi?Ans.Mughal emperor Akbar

⏩⏩which country has won Football world cup  maximum no. Of times?Brazil.

⏩⏩ Aurum stand for which metal?Gold

⏩⏩ In which year RBI Nationalised ?Ans. 1949

RRB Exam 29th march 2nd Shift  Questions.

➡➡ Who got Highest no. of grand slams in male?
Ans. Roger Federer

➡➡ Who was the Oscar winner director from India?
Ans. Satyajit Ray

➡➡ What is the full from of DPT?
Ans. Diphtheria, Pertussis, Tetanus

➡➡ Which river flows through Karnataka and TN?
Ans. Kaveri

➡➡ In 2015, Who's TIME person of the year
Ans. Chancellor Angela Merkel

➡➡ Who is the Father of geometry
Ans. Euclid

➡➡ Zika virus is spreads by
Ans. Aedes mosquito

➡➡ In which year Berlin wall was demolished ?
Ans. 1989.

➡➡ Which language use ideographs?
Ans. China and Japan.

➡➡ Swej nahar is situated in which country?
Ans. Egypt(Mediterranean Sea to Red

➡➡ What is graphene?
Ans. Allotrope of carbon.

➡➡ What is the abbreviation of Radar?
Ans. Radio Detection And Ranging.

➡➡ What is umami?
Ans. 5th basic taste of tongue

➡➡What is the full from of  SPM?
Ans. Suspended Particulate Matter

➡➡Which is the Tallest building in world?
Ans. Burj Khalifa

➡➡ Who gives oath to the President?
Ans. Chief Justice of India.

➡➡How many No. of medals for India in 2012 Olympics?
Ans. 6 medals.

➡➡ Kamarup kingdom is associated with which state?
Ans. Assam.

➡➡What is the Chemical name of Baking soda ?
Ans. Sodium Bicarbonate

➡➡ Lemur are found in?
Ans. Madagascar.

➡➡ Chandrashekhar Limit is applied to?
Ans. Mass.

➡➡ Bhimbetka caves are
approximately how many years old?
Ans. 30,000 years.

➡➡Which person got Maximum no. of gold in olympics ?
Ans. Michael Phelps.

➡➡ What is tomato?
Ans. It is a fruit.

➡➡ What is retirement age of Chief justice of India ?
Ans. 65 years

RRB Exam 29th march 3rd Shift  Questions.

⏩⏩ Who is known as ''Bismark of India''?
Answer: Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel

⏩⏩ Which Indian State shares Largest boundary  with
Answer:  West Bengal,India

⏩⏩ World heritage site Bhimbetka,MP
is famous for?
Answer: Rock Shelters

⏩⏩ What is Akash missile?
Answer: Surface to Air Missile

⏩⏩ Who is the cheif guest for republic day of 2016?
Answer:Francios Hollande

⏩⏩ If the Temperature of the body decreases this condition is called?

⏩⏩ Osteoporosis is related to which organ?
Answer: bone

⏩⏩ In which year Kaislas satyarthi and malala got
noble prize ?
Answer:  2014

⏩⏩In Which year Mom mission was started?
Answer: 24 sept- 2014

⏩⏩ RTI implemented in which year?
Answer:  2005

⏩⏩Which is the Second longest river of india?
Answer: Godavari

⏩⏩ Who was the 1st lady president of indian national congress?
Answer:  Annie Besant

⏩⏩ In which year rupee symbol adopted was adopted?
Answer:  officially adopted in
2010(launched on 8 July 2011)

⏩⏩ Who won 1st olympic medal in badminton of India?
Answer: Saina Nehwal

⏩⏩ Where was national science
conference held in india?
Answer:  New Delhi

⏩⏩ Which is not a green house gas?
Answer: hydrogen

⏩⏩Whom Bharat ratna has not been conferred ?Ms
subbalaxmi, lataji, ar rahman ???
Answer:  Ar Rehman

⏩⏩ What is the name of mission to be sent to study sun in 2019-2020? (
Answer:  Aditya

⏩⏩ Which of the following has
declared 'Cow' as Personality of the Year 2015?
Answer: Yahoo India

⏩⏩ Name of the operation between Pakistan and India in Kargil War?
Answer: Operation Vijay

⏩⏩ World Toboco Day is hosted
Answer:  May 31

⏩⏩Which countries hosted 2015 World Cup ?
Answer: Australia,New Zealand

⏩⏩ World environment day
Answer: June 5

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