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Sunday, 27 March 2016

RRB NTPC 28 March Gk question

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Gk question ask in # RRB NTPC

Hello dear,
I'm sharing some gk questions asked in 28 March railway exam, this is the question only we have, if you have other, please do share, it will definitely help other aspirants.

Here are the questions
1) rowlatt act year

2) TB day

3) who given the slogan "do or die"

4) when did Indian constitution came into amendment.

5) What is the name of horse of maha rana pratap singh

6) karanam malleswari related to which game?

7) in which places dead bodies are not burried options (tajmahal, charminar, other 2 options i didn't remember)

8) hacker is :_____

9) odd one out (external hard disk, cd, keyboard, digital camera)

10) first international cricket match was played between??

11) golden temple of dambulla is present in??

12) cyprus capital?

13) sorrow of bengal is

Please share your exam experience of RRB Exam 2016 which is kicked off on 28 March 2016. We hope that the hard work of our aspirants reaped success.

How was your exam today- easy/medium/difficult, and how many questions did you attempt - in each section and overall. Also, share GK and Maths question and  type of questions which were asked in Exam, number of attempts in Exam.

It would be really helpful for candidates, who are yet toappear for the future exam of RRB.