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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Gk Questions asked in railway exam 12,April 2016: (all shift)

Gk Questions asked in railway exam 12,April  2016: (all shift)

Hello philic's  
We have received the following questions from aspirants who have appeared for today's exam . If you have any more questions from the exam, then do share it in the comment section.

Let's glance..

1. 2015 Nobel Prize Winner In Physics ?
Ans: Takaaki Kajita and Arthur B. McDonald

2. Osama Bin Laden was Killed At Which Place ?
Ans: Abbottabad in Pakistan

3. "PaceMaker" Related to Which Organ?
Ans: Heart

4. How Many Candidates Nominated By President In Rajya Sabha ?
Ans: 12 Members

5. What Is The Value of Tan 30 Degrees?
Ans: 1/Squere Root 3

6. Nathu La Pass Located in which state ?
Ans: Gangtok, Sikkim

7. Who Was Founder Of "Pala Dynasty" ?
Ans: Gopala

8. "Abshishek Verma" Belongs To Which Sport ?
Ans: Archery

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Gk Questions asked in railway exam 12,April  2016: (2nd shift)

1. which planet the hottest planet?
Ans: Venus

2. jeans was First marketed by ?
Ans: Lee is an American brand of denim jeans

3. Which Instrument is use to measures Atmospheric Pressure ?
Ans: Barometer

4. Who was Nargis Dutt?
Ans: Indian film actress

5. Hydro-power plants convert the mechanical energy into?
Ans: electrical energy.

6.Who was the Captain, who won First World Cup For Australia?
Ans: Allen Border

7.Who is Present President of Pakistan ?
Ans: Mamnoon Hussain

8.Diamond is mafe up of Which Element ?
Ans: Carbon

9.Apgar Score is test For ?
Ans: To Summarize Health of New Born Babies

10.What is the Chemical name of Vinegar?
Ans: Acetic Acid (ch3cooh)

11. What is TBasic?
Ans: Programming Language

12.Who is the 8th CM Of Arunachal Pradesh?
Ans: Kalikho Pul

13.Who wrote Book "To kill a mocking bird"?
Ans: Harper Lee

14.World’s Poisonous Fish?
Ans: Stone Fish

15. World Heritage Day is celebrated in?
Ans: 18th April

16.Dipa Karmakar is Related to?
Ans: Gymnastics (Sports)

17.Which Prime Minister hoisted flag at Red Fort for the maximum times?
Ans: Jawahar Lal Nehru

18.Which Planet named after Roman God?
Ans: Venus

19.Who came after Mauryas ?
Ans: Sunga Dynasty

20.Dholavora comes under which civilization?
Ans: Gujrat,Indus Civilization

21."Borobudur" Temple is located at?
Ans: Indonesia

22.Which is called black gold ? 
Ans: Coal

23. Golden pagoda temple of budhist is located at?
A: Myanmar

24. Who is the winner of Australian Open women’s double 2016?
Ans: Martina Hingis & Sania Mirza

25. Who is the director of  Baba atomic research center?
Ans: Sekhar Basu

26. Who was the first and last female ruler of Delhi Sultanate?
Ans: Razia Sultana

Gk Questions asked in railway exam 12,April  2016: (3rd shift)

1.How many members walked on moon upto now?
Ans: 12

2.Who won the Australian grand prix 2015?
Ans: Lewis Hamilton

3.Who was Nepal Prime Minister in 2015?
Ans: Suresh Koirala

4.Which rays used in airports which passes through solids?
Ans: X-Rays

5.Milk of magnesium used for ?
Ans:  to treat constipation (it is anta-acid)

6.Who invented band aid?
Ans: Earle Dickson

7.Who invented bifocal lens?
Ans: Benjamin Franklin

8.How many princely states was there at time of Independence?
Ans: 562

9. Who is the Present FIFA chairman?
Ans: Issa Hayatou        

10.Who Constructed "Hawa Mahal"?
Ans: Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh

11.Recently passed  away"Martin crowe" belongs to which county captain?
Ans: New Zealand

12.Who Constructed Delhi city architect?
Ans: Edwin Lutyens and Sir Herbert Baker

13.Who was the Commissioner of Delhi before bassi?
Ans: Neeraj Kumar

14.What is the name of process heat glass is slowly cooling?
Ans: Annealing

15.Ozone day is celebrated?
Ans:  16th September

16.Who invented mobile phone?
Ans:  Martin Cooper

17.Who was behind the idea of constructing china wall?
Ans:  The Qin Dynasty

18.Hakuho Has won most awards in which Sport?
Ans: Sumo Judo


Download Gk Questions asked in railway exam in pdf

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