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Sunday, 24 April 2016

Difficult Words : Acrid, Acrimonious, Acumen, Acute, Adage and Adamant

Difficult Words : 3

Hello dear, for boosting your English we started a new strategy to build your vocab by learning difficult is a list of Difficult Words: Acrid, Acrimonious, Acumen, Acute, Adage and Adamant

Acrimonious (AK ruh MOH nee us) adj: full of spite, bitter, nasty

• Vishnu and Disha's discussion turned acrimonious when Disha introduced the subject of Vishnu's perennial, incorrigible stupidity.

• Relations between the competing candidates were so acrimonious that each refused to acknowledge the presence of the other.

Acrid (AK rid) adj: harsh, like acid

• The drinks we had at the party had an acrid taste. It was harsh and unpleasant.

• Long after the fire had been put out, we could feel the acrid sting of smoke in our nostrils.

• Acrid is used most often with tastes and smells, but it can be used more broadly to describe anything that is offensive in a similar way. A comment that stung like acid could be called acrid. So could a harsh personality.

Acumen (AK yuh mun) n: keenness of judgement, mental sharpness

• A woman who knows how to turn a dollar into a million dollars overnight might be said to have a lot of business acumen.

• Vijay Malya's near-total lack of acumen led him to invest all his money in a company that had already gone out of business.

Acute (uh KYOOT) adj: sharp, shrewd

• If your eyesight is acute, you can see things that other people can't. You have visual acuity. An acute mind is a quick, intelligent one. You have mental acuity. An acute pain is a sharp pain.

• Acute means sharp only in a figurative sense. A knife, which is sharp enough to cut, is never said to be acute.

• Acute is a word which doctors throw around quite a bit. An acute disease is one that reaches its greatest intensity very quickly and then goes away. What could a disease be if it isn't acute? See chronic.

Adage (AD ij) n: an old saying, a familiar bit of wisdom

For a happy life, ear figs
 is not an adage. No one ever said it, until now. But Honesty is the best policy is. Very often an adage is also a cliché.

Adamant (AD uh munt, AD uh mant) adj: stubborn, unyielding, completely inflexible

• Katrina was adamant. She would never go out with Ranveer again.

• A very hard substance, like a diamond, is also adamant.

• Adamantine and adamant are synonyms. Adamancy is being adamant.