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Monday, 25 April 2016

Download Concept of Paper Folding

 Overview of Paper Folding 

The Paper Folding test is modeled after a similar task that Binet used with young children. The test requires that the student imagine what happens to a sheet of paper after it is folded and a piece is cut out of it. On the simplest questions, the paper is already folded in half, nothing is cut out of it, and the student must imagine how it will look when unfolded.

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 On other questions, the first pictures show how the paper is folded. The student must understand how these pictures describe the folding of an actual piece of paper. Then a circle (or other shape) is cut through all the layers of paper at that point. The student must then reverse the process and imagine how the paper will appear as it is unfolded while keeping track of the missing holes (or cut-outs). Logical thinking can assist in solving most questions. For example, if the paper is folded in half and a hole is cut through both layers, then the unfolded paper must have two holes. These practice activities are designed to teach students (a) how to imagine the correspondence between the pictures in the test booklet and the actual folding, cutting, and unfolding of a piece of paper and (b) how to use logical thinking to help them solve the problems. This practice can also help them move from concrete, perceptual strategies to more logical strategies for answering the questions. Accurate testing requires that students understand the diagrams in the questions. Therefore, the practice session begins with demonstrations that use real paper, and these instructions include real paper cut-outs at the end that can be used to help students understand the diagrams. There are six paper cut-outs, one for each practice question. To use these, cut them out and fold them ahead of time, then use them to demonstrate the unfolding processes as you go over each question. Whenever students are confused by a question, it is helpful to ask them to solve the question using an actual piece of paper themselves.