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Monday, 25 April 2016

Download SSC CGL 2015 paper in PDF (Day-1)

Hello dear,
In the series of posting ebooks, we are gonna start posting Previous Year paper of ssc, fully solved with explanation from MB publications, Fix the timer and  solved this paper within your time and match with our key. For any query, use comment box, and feel free to ask your doubt.  

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We have already discussed Smartest Tricks of maths topic that helps a lot in your exam. So I am requesting you to go through all my previous tricks and different some Parts Of quantitative aptitude here...
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we have posted explanation in english in the pdf book and here is explanation in hindi.

Explanations in hindi

Note (1-5):   bu iz”uksa ds explanations ds fy, Idiom/Phrase ns[ksaA                    
Note (6-12): bu iz”uksa ds explanations ds fy, One Word Substitution ns[ksaA          
13.  Famous for fdlh ckr ds fy, izfl)                              
14.  Off = fdlh pht ls nwj far off = fdlh LFkku ls cgqr nwj] a long way away from
15.  Ingestion Hkkstu ds ek/;e ls phtksa dks “kjhj ds vUnj ysus dh izfdz;k
16.  Custom= ijijkxr rjhds ls fd;k tkus okyk dke] convention  ftl rjhds ls dksbZ dke fd;k tkrk gS] tradition ,d ih<+h ls nwljh ih<+h esa tkus okyh ijEijk                                   
17.  ns[ksa&  Rule 26 (ii) of VERB
       19. lack ds lkFk dksbZ preposition ugha vk;sxkA went in = lack; vxj  underlined part  a littlec ugha gksrk rks ;g Hkh lgh  
20    one=pigen; okD; esa ,d gh “kCn (fly) dks nks ckj repeat ugha  fd;k tkrkA
21    ns[ksa& Rule23 of VERB              
    Note (25-27): bu iz”uksa ds explanations ds fy, word Meaning  ns[ksaA
       28.   OkkD; dk pkSFkk OkD; ns[ksaA
     29.   Passage dk vafre nks okD; ns[ksaA                            
30. Passage dk lkrok¡ okD; ns[ksaA                        
32. Passage dk igyk okD; ns[ksaA                   
33. To learn ds LFkku ij learning gksxk & regret+V4
      34. Injured ds LFkku ij were injured gksxk D;ksafd okD; passive esa pkfg,A
     35.  okLro esa iz”u vkSj option (d) esa country dk from vyx&vyx gSA iz”u esa ;g xyr gS tcfd option(d) lgh gSA         
     37. Have been  ds LFkku ij will have been (future perfect continuous) gksxk D;ksafd okD; esa future perfect  
          continuous)  gksxk D;ksafd okD; esa future (next year) dk vFkZ gSA
     38.  Passage dk vafre okD; ns[ksaA
           43. on foot =iSny
            44.   up and about chekjh ds ckn iqu% lfdz;
45.   okD; dk subject (making) singular gSA
46.   infest with fdlh cqjh pht ls Hkjk gqvk

Note (48-50): bu iz”uksa ds explanations ds fy, word Meaning  ns[ksaA

For any query, use comment box, and feel free to ask your doubt.  !!!!!!!!!