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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Gk Questions asked in railway exam , April 2016: (all shift)

Gk Questions asked in railway exam 6,April  2016: (all shift)
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We have received the following questions from aspirants who have appeared for today's exam . If you have any more questions from the exam, then do share it in the comment section.

Let's glance..

1.Who is the winner of Syed Modi Grand prix?

Ans: K Srikhanth

2. In which year Microsoft was founded?

Ans:  1975

3. In which year Start Up India launched?

Ans: 2016

4.What is the another Name of “Badshah Khan”?

Ans: Abdul Ghaffar Khan

5. Who is the First woman DG of paramilitary forces?

Ans: Archana Ramasundram

6. Which is not a gland ( Liver, gall bladder, Pituitary, Adrenal)?

Ans: Gall Bladder

7. In which year Parliament was Constructed ?

Ans:  1927

8. “Nephron” Belongs to which part of the body?

Ans: Kidney

9.Which mission was associated with Smiling Buddha Mission?

Ans:  India’s first successful nuclear bomb test At Pokhran

10.What is Calcium Hydroxide?

Ans:  slaked lime

11.”Mars is also known as?

Ans: Red Planet

12. What is the cause of Yellow Fever?

Ans:  Male Mosquitoes

13. Who can remove Chief Election Commissioner in india?

Ans: Parliament with two-thirds majority in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha

14.British Rule was ended on which year?

Ans: 1947

15.In 2015 Arjuna Award given to which female wrestler?

Ans: Babita Kumari

16. Who won more grandslams in the year 2015?

Ans: Novak Djokovic

17. Political System of Afghanistan is known as?

Ans: Democratic Republic

Current affairs byte for Railway aspirants 2016 in PDF along with expected questions

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Gk Questions asked in railway exam  6,April 2016: (2nd shift)

1. What is the Name of Laughing Gas?
Ans. Nitrous oxide

2. When did the British give independence to India?

Ans. 1947

3. Dwarf planet is?

Ans. Pluto

4. Loolong festival belongs to which state?


5. What is Shortcut key “to paste” in MS Word?

Ans. Ctrl + V

6. What is the name of currency of Mayanmar?

Ans. kyat

7. Who built the Jantar Mantar of Delhi’s?

Ans. Maharaja Jai Singh

8.Name The Popular dance of Tamilnadu?

Ans. Bharatnatyam

9. Which of the following does not come under home ministry?


10. What is the another name of leprosy?

Ans. Hansen's disease

11. Ligo a mission related to?

Ans. Black Holes

12.Which of the following is not protocol?


13.How many research centres will India establish by 2020 in Antarctica?


14.How generator Works?

Ans. Mechanical energy into electrical energy

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Gk Questions asked in railway exam  6,April 2016: (3rd shift)

1.What is the Name of Ganga in Bangladesh?
Ans:  Padma

2.Who is the 8th UN Secretary General?

Ans:  Ban Ki-Moon

3. what speed needed by jet to escape the earth’s gravity?

Ans:11.2 km/sec or 7 miles per second, or 25,000 miles per hour

4. when did anglo sikh war fought

Ans: 1845

5. National Air Quality Index is based on how many pollutants

Ans:  8 pollutants

6. In which state Himalayan Forest Thrush Bird Found?

Ans:  Northern india

7. Osoong Festival is clelebrated in which state

Ans:  Sikkim

8. LIGO project is related to?

Ans:  rivers

9. to whom region the lion emblem is setup

Ans: Maurya Empire

10. 2nd panipat battle in which year

Ans:  1556