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Friday, 22 April 2016

Phrasal Verbs Quiz: Mixed 1

Phrasal Verbs Quiz: Mixed 1

1. allow for
If I had allowed for extra expenses like medical costs, I wouldn't have
 a. made a lot of money

 b. spent a lot of money

 c. run out of money

2. become of
Do you know what became of that girl Radha who used to work here? I haven't heard anything about her
 a. since yesterday

 b. for ages

 c. all day

3. deal with
The best person to deal with a medical emergency would be
 a. a dealer

 b. a doctor

 c. a sick person

4. give away
If you give away a lot of money, most people will say you are
 a. a generous person

 b. a strange person

 c. a selfish person

5. give back
You'll have to give the jacket back to whoever you
 a. bought it from

 b. sold it to

 c. borrowed it from

6. kick out
Sarah was kicked out of the exam room because she
 a. needed to go to the toilet

 b. finished early

 c. tried to cheat

7. own up
After talking to his teacher, Jason has owned up to
 a. failing his exam

 b. passing his exam

 c. cheating in his exam

8. read out
The judge read the statement out because he
 a. wanted everyone to hear it

 b. didn't want anyone to hear it

 c. couldn't understand it

9. use up
If you've used up all your prepaid phone calls, you'll have to
 a. get a new phone

 b. make fewer calls

 c. top up your phone account

10. watch out
Vivian told me to watch out because there was
 a. something interesting on TV

 b. a bull running straight at me

 c. an important message on my desk

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