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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Pipes and Cistern : SSC CGL Questions

Pipes and Cistern 10 questions for ssc

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We have started "Maths Star" for boosting Quant section of every section, try to follow and solve questions on daily basis and feel free to ask your query, We already posted "Smartest tricks to solve questions of alligationsalong with some typically high level questions and for practise we'll share 10 questions.

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Pipes and Cistern 10 questions for ssc
Q1. Two pipes A and B can fill a tank in 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. If both pipes are opened together, the time taken to fill the tank is:
a) 50 minutes     b) 12 minutes     c) 25 minutes     d) 15 minutes

Q2. Three tapes A, B, C can fill a tank in 12, 15, and 20 hours respectively. If A is open all the time and B and C are open for one hour each alternatively, the tank will be full in:
a) 6 hours     b) 13/2 hours     c) 7 hours     d) 15/2 hours

Q3. A tap can empty a tank in one hour. A se cond tap can empty it in 30 minutes. If both the taps operate simultaneously, how much time is needed to empty the tank?
a) 20 minutes     b) 30 minutes     c) 40 minutes     d) 45 minutes

Q4. A pump can fill a tank with water in 2 hours. Because of a leak in the tank it was taking 7/3 hours to fill the tank. Leak can drain all the water off the tank in:
a) 8 hours     b) 7 hours     c) 13/3/ hours     d) 14 hours

Q5. A pipe can fill a tank with water in 3 hours. Due to leakage in bottom, it takes 7/2 hours to fill it. In what time the leak will empty the fully filled tank?
a) 12 hours     b) 21 hours     c) 13/2 hours     d) 21/2 hours

Q6. Two pipes A and B can fill cistern in 75/2 minutes and 45 minutes respectively. Both pipes are opened. The cistern will be filled just in half an hour, if the pipe B is turned off after:
a) 15 minutes     b) 10 minutes     c) 5 minutes     d) 9 minutes

Q7. Two pipes can fill a tank with water in 15 and 12 hours respectively, and a third pipe can empty it in 4 hours. If the pipes be opened in order, at 8, 9 and 11 a.m. respectively, the tank will be emptied at
a) 11:40 am     b) 12:40am     c) 1: 40 pm  d) 2: 40 pm

Q8. A tank can be filled with water by two pipes A and B together in 36 minutes. If the pipe B was stopped after 30 minutes, the tank is filled in 40 minutes. The pipe B can alone fill the tank in
a) 45 minutes     b) 60 minutes     c) 75 minutes     d) 90 minutes

Q9. A tank has a leak which would empty the completely filled tank in 10 hours. If the tank is full of water and a tap is opened which admits 4 litres of water per minute in the tank, the leak takes 15 hours to empty the tank. How many litres of water does the tank hold?
a) 2400     b) 4500     c) 1200     d) 7200

Q10 Three pipes A, B, and C can fill a cistern in 6 hours. After working at it together for 2 hours, C is closed and A and B fill it in 7 hours more. The time taken by C alone to fill the cistern is
a) 14 hours     b) 15 hours     c) 16 hours     d) 17 hours

Answer key
1b 2c 3a 4d 5 b 6d 7 a 8 d 9d 10 a

If you have any difficulty in solving or want to know any short you may put your queries in comment section below this post.