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Railway Gk Questions asked exam 19,April 2016: (all shift)

Gk Questions asked in railway exam 19,April  2016: (all shift)

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We have received the following questions from aspirants who have appeared for today's exam . If you have any more questions from the exam, then do share it in the comment section.

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Gk Questions asked in railway exam  19,April 2016: (1st  shift)
1)Jahangir is which number of Mughal ruler?
Ans. 4th
2) Among the following which is not used as fruit?
Tomato, Strawberry, pear, grapes
Ans. Tomato
3) What is theme of the Wetland day?
Ans. sustainable development
4) What is the freezing point of water?
Ans. 0 degree centigrade
5) Who is the head of State bank of India ( SBI)?
Ans. Arundhati Bhattacharya.
6) Pluto discovered in which year?
Ans. 1930
7) Who won the man of series in Asia cup t20?
Ans. Virat kohli
8) When next Halley comet occur?
Ans. 9th feb 2062
9) Which Party has won second large MP seats in Loksabha?
Ans. congress
10) Which state share maximum boundaries with our states?
11) Make in India week?
12) Methane gas is a?
13) What is the population of Tigers in 2014?
Ans. 2,226
14) Who is the Central Defence minister?
Ans. Manohar parikkar
15) What is the old name of State bank of India?
Ans. Imperial bank of India
16) What is the status of Dominion?
17) What is the Theme of Wetlands day?
Ans. Sustainable Livelihoods
18) Which gas is found in refrigerators?
Ans. CFC ( Chloro flouro Carbons)
19) Process of absorption of moisture from air is called ?
21) Hawa mahal is made up of?
22) What does a backup in a computer do?
23) Car stops when applied brakes due to ______ force?
Ans: Frictional
24) )Who is the head of the state in India?
Ans: Arundathi bhattacharya
25) ”.docx” is an extension of ?
Ans: MS-word
26) Who is UNDP ambassador?
27) Game in which we touch the opponent and opponent’s player got out.
Ans: Kabaddi
28) Golconda port constructed during which dynasty rule?
Ans: Kakatiya dynasty
29) The reason by which running car is stopped after applying Break.
Ans: Friction.
30) Year of kakori kand.
Ans: 9 August 1925.
31) Who got  Dadasaheb phalke award 2015?
Ans: shashi kapoor
32) Taxonomy is related to?

Ans: classification

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1 )If l is the sister of k, m is the father of k, n and o are brothers, l is
the mother of n,how is k related to l,
2) x(square)+1/x(sqare)=6, then 10x-10/x=?
3) If the mean of 22 is 10, if two more added gets 14, then what is the mean for those two added?
4) If 2x(square)+2xy+2z=250,2xy+2y(square)+2yz=100,and 2zx+2zy+2z(square)=100,
then how much is 3x+6y+15z=?
5) 25(percent of) 800grams – 12(percent of)400grams=?
6) adgj,cfic,ehkn,????
7) Arrange the followed jumbled in meaningful format and find the odd man out

Gk Questions asked in railway exam  19,April 2016: (2nd shift)
1)Stabiliser is used for __________.
Ans: Freezing icecream
2) Davis cup is played in which country in 2016?
2) World wetland day is observed on ?
Ans: 2nd february
3) Historical “Manusmriti” is written in Which language?
Ans: Sanskrit
4) Who is 3rd king in Mughal empire?
Ans: Akbar
5) How much amount was penalised on Ravi shankar?
6) The speed of the vehicle depends on?
Ans: Friction.
7) What is the process of purification of sea water called as?
8) Womens day is observed on ?
Ans: March 8
9) Dadasaheb phalke award 2015
Ans: shashi kapoor
10) In which year gita is converted into english?Ans: 1785(Charles Wilkins
11) What is scientist name who declared pluto as dwarf planet?
12.The quantitative apt take little bit time for solving
13.Article 112
14.“Sheep apnea” related to
15.Golconda port constructed during which dyanasty
16.Davis cup 2015 final held in?Birmingham, Great Britain
17.Game in which we touch the opponent and opponent’s player got out.
Ans: Kabaddi.
18.Year of kakori kand.
Ans: 9 August 1925.
19.What is the process of purification of sea water called as?
Ans: Desalination
20.Who Discovered Pluto?Clyde William Tombaugh
21.Gol Gumbaz is made by?Mohammed Adil Shah,
22.Heart Diseases can better by diagonsed by which test?ECG
23.How many states have elections in 2016?5
24.What are the Number of Zodiac signs ?12
25.Retinol is formed by which vitamin?Vitamin A
26.In world Cup T20 India won over Bangladesh by how many runs? One run
27.World’s Richest person as per forbes Global list 2016?Bill Gates
28.Which State doesn’t share border with Myanmar?Tripura

Maths & Reasoning

1. a=2b/3 ;b=2c/3; c=2d/3 then find ratio of b:d
2.ci of 2year for compunded half yearly ₹10000
3.if mean of 19 students is 20 and include teacher also then find 21th person value
4.if 3years ago age ratio of maya and shama is 3:4 and after 5year the ratio is 7:9 then find maya present age
5.in 25 liter milk and water ratio is4:1 thend how much milk should be added to becom ratio 16:1
6.what is one discount in30%;25%;15%

Gk Questions asked in railway exam  19,April 2016: (3rd shift)

1)Full name CT in CT scan ? Ans: computerized tomography
2) Plastics are made up of ______.
Ans: organic polymers( chain of carbon atoms)
2) Main material in glass ? Ans: silica
3) A+B=90 A:B=2:1 then find tanA:tanB =?
4) What is present capital of vijayanagaram ?
5) Full form of MRI?
Ans: Magnetic resource imaging
6) What is capital of Pakistan?
Ans: Islamabad
7) What is currency of Bangladesh?
Ans: Taka
8) Best picture in 88th oscar awards is _____.
Ans: spotlight
9) Where is Mecca located?
Ans: Saudi Arabia
10) Bardoli Satyagraha
Ans: Sardar Patel

Aptitude Questions
1) 523167*99999=???
2) X=a2-25/a2-36 then x/y=a-5/a-6,find out y=?
3) A+B=90 A:B=2:1 then find tanA:tanB =?
4) A:B=5:4,A:C=5:6 THEN B:C=??
5) 3,12,25,120,125,?.