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Friday, 29 April 2016

Smart strategy to crack SSC CGL within 3 months and Golden Tips by Philic

Hello aspirants,
We always advice you to do solve daily a mock test and your most important source is the previous year question papers because many questions are repeated as it is or somehow change but sense is quite same. You can purchase a single book (Kiran, Spark Publication) containing previous year papers and solved it 3-4 times and all questions is on fingertips. After completing that book, You don't feel the need to consult anything or anyone else just because this made sharp graph of questions, vastly in your brain, you will be able to detect,from where examinee  ask questions  and it will definitely fruitful for you.

Now subject wise complete strategy

:)  Quantitative Aptitude
– If this section is strong then half of result is clear... if not just need smart strategy is needed, First of all just take preview the syllabus and Previous year questions. This is the Most important part of the syllabus containing 250 marks (pre 50 + Mains 200) means more than 40% of total marks. This is the section where you should devote most of your time. Just purchase any good book  and practise thoroughly. Mugging shortcuts will help you to get an edge over others. Try solving every question within 1 minute.

Smart suggestions
+ Focus on advance section just because this section is very trick and after knowing all tricks and method you will be able to solve each question 15 sec to 30 sec if not you will be able to solve less time than other section like percentage, profit loss
=+= Smart key, just just value like 0, 1 and satisfy the equation
=+=  For trigo section just take the value of Theta(45) and satisfy the equation.

:)  English
- Most tricky portion is here. Every section of this portion is unpredictable. You can't guess which idioms, antonyms, synonyms, phrasal verb, etc. will be asked......But don’t be tense i’m providing you the smart strategy for this section, What can and what have to do is this

  + Error correction - Prepare the rules used in previous year papers or Just solve “a mirror of common error by Ashok singh

 +Idioms, One word substitution, Synonyms, etc. - Learn 10 words each, daily or read previous year questions

  + Direct- Indirect and active-passive- This section is the most scoring. Just mug the rules(just before exam) and practise smartly, a typical common error is asked form this section so be careful.

   +Comprehension - You can do much better than previous just by increasing your understanding skill by reading newspaper, magazines will damn help.

:)  General Awareness –
This section has the least benefit-cost ratio. You will invest more time, but your return will be low. I will recommend you not to invest much time for Gk (at max 1 hour daily). Moreover I have found that Lucent's GK book has the best compilation, especially for CGL. So instead of referring multiple sources and wasting your limited time, just go for Lucent.
Other option is also avail
+ Ghatna Chakre previous year questions
+ Pariksha manthan :- smanya gyan

:) Reasoning
- Most scoring and easy going section of Tier-1, just because the questions are pre-defined. Just do practise the question papers, and you will definitely score Pretty well (you will be able to get at least get 40+ in Reasoning section, in less than 30 minutes).
Some typical chapters that need much practice than usual 
+ Analogy
+ series
+ syllogism
+ ababcababc section

I think I have touched every portion and I will re-iterate, don't ignore the previous year question papers....Your suggestions and Query is Heartily invited.

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