Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The difference between Hard-working & Workaholic

The difference between Hard-working & Workaholic

The both are used for people who Work a Lot with a lot of Efforts.

A workaholic person is someone who has Spent their lives on their Jobs and work Long Hours at work even on Weekends and they are used to it.

A hard-working person who put a lot of Efforts in their Jobs also they Don't Neglect their Lives, Families or Health.

️Workaholic people are Addicted to their Job but Hard-working people Work a lot in A Wise way.

️A workaholic person Sometimes Doesn't Enjoy while working, but A hard-working person Often Enjoys working.

1 My father used to be a workaholic worker but He got fed up(tired) with working a lot of hours without taking pleasure in it so he cut down on his working time.

2 If we want to be delighted while working we need to be a hard-working person rather than being a workaholic one.

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