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Sunday, 15 May 2016

Computer Quiz for SBI DAY-13

 “Mission SBI”

We are here for you and now your exam in your head,so let's join your hands with us and boot your knowledge to crack your SBI exam, this is just our initiative to grip hard your seat in exam, here is the the Full plate of our baked quiz of computer.

Q01. Punched Cards were first introduced by:
a) Powers
b) Jacquard
c) Pascal
d) Herman Hollerith
e) None of The Above

Q02. Word Length of a Personal Computer is ______:
 a) 4 Bits
b) 8 Bits
c) 16 Bits
d) None of The Above

Q03. Operating Systems, editors and debuggers comes under:
a) System Software
b) Application Software
c) Utilities
d) None of The Above

Q04. Which among the following device is required for the Internet Connection:
a) Joystick
b) Modem
c) CD Drive
d) None of The Above

Q05. DMA stands for:
a) Direct Memory Access
b) Direct Module Access
c) Direct Memory Access
d) None of The Above

Q06. When did John Napier develop logarithm:
a) 1614
b) 1416
c) 1641
d) None of The Above

Q07. The Second Generation computer was based on:
a) Vacuum Chips
b) Silicon Chips
c) Transistor
d) Bio Chips    
d) None of The Above

Q08. BIOS stands for:
a) Basic Input Output Software
b) Basic Input Output System
c) Basic Input Output Standards
d) None of The Above

Q09. What do you call a single point on a computer screen:
a) Cell
b) Element
c) Pixel
d) None of The Above

Q10. How was the generation of computer classified:
a) by the speed of the computer
b) by the model of the computer
c) by the device used in memory & processor
d) by the accuracy of the computer
e) None of The Above