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Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Computer Quiz for SBI DAY-15

“Mission SBI”

We are here for you and now your exam in your head,so let's join your hands with us and boot your knowledge to crack your SBI exam, this is just our initiative to grip hard your seat in exam, here is the the Full plate of our baked quiz of computer.

Q01. The finally block is executed:
a) Only when a checked exception is thrown
b) Only when a unchecked exception is thrown
c) Only when an exception is thrown
d) Irrespective of whether an exception is thrown or not
e) None of The Above

Q02. The Statement - System.out.print ( (double) 7/4 ); prints:
b) 1
c) 2.0
d) None of The Above

Q03. What is the environment variable that contains a list of directions where Java    looks for classes referenced in a program:
e) None of The Above

Q04. Consider the statement - System.out.print (Math.round(Math.random 0)); Above statement can print:
a) Only 0
b) Only 1
c) Only 0 or 1
d) None of The Above

Q05. Subclass is also called:
a) Base Class
b) Child Class
c) Derived Class and Super Class
d) Child Class and Derived Class
e) None of The Above

Q06. Which of the class definition has/have initialization bock:
a) First
b) My Class
c) Second
d) Third
e) None of The Above

Q07. The Keywords - try, catch, and finally are typically used in the sequence:
a) Finally, Try and Catch
b) Try, Finally and Catch
c) Try, Catch and Finally
d) Catch, Try and Finally
e) None of The Above   

Q08. Automatic conversion from primitive type to an object of the corresponding
wrapper class is called:
a) Coercing
b) Casting
c) Boxing
d) Widening
e) None of The Above

Q09. Which of the following does not have a  super class:
a) System
b) Lang
c) Exception
d) Object
e) None of The Above

Q10. A class is a variable of variable that is declared inside a class as:
a) Final
b) Static
c) Abstract
d) Extends
e) None of The Above