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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Railway Gk Questions asked in exam 26,April 2016: (all shift)

Hello philic's  
We have received the following questions from aspirants who have appeared for today's exam . If you have any more questions from the exam, then do share it in the comment section.

Let's glance..
·    March 30, 2016 1st and 2nd
·    March 31, 2016 1st , 2nd and 3rd
·    April 2, 2016 1st   and 2nd
·    April 26, 2016
·    April 27, 2016
·    April 28, 2016
·    April 29, 2016
·    April 30, 2016

Download Current affairs byte for Railway aspirants 2016 in PDF along with expected questions

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Gk Questions asked in railway exam  26,April 2016: (1st  shift)

1. What is the official language of Nagaland ? Ans: English

2. Who invented Atom bomb ?

3. What is the Full form of IUCN ? Ans-International Union for Conservation of Nature.

5. What is the full form of FTP ?  Ans: File Transfer Protocol

6. What was the Name the UN ship which was lost in 1985 and found in 2015 ?

7. Which of the following is not a cancer ?

8. NSA of india who was appointed in 2014 ? Ans: Ajit Doval

9. Swift key is application of ?

10. Which of the following is the Dwarf planet ?

11. Gandhi Ji started Dandi March in which year ?  Ans: 1930

12. Who is H S Prannoy ?

13. Allahabad was previously known as ?  Ans: Prayag

14. Major constituents of Sun ? Ans:  Hydrogen and Helium

15. Digestive acid ? Ans:  HCL

16. Dudoneum ?  Ans: Small Intestine

17. Number of teams in 2016 World Twenty 20 women world cup ?  Ans: 10

18. Where is jaistambh situated ? Ans: Raipur

Railway Gk Questions asked in exam  26,April 2016: (1st  shift)
1) White flag is symbol of what? Ans. :  surrender.

2) Capital city of Syria ? Ans. :  Damascus.

3) Among the following who was not hanged? Rajguru, Chandrashekhar, Bhagat singh, Sukhdev.

4) Santosh trophy is related to? Ans. :  Foot ball.

5) Smallest planet ? Ans. :  Mercury.
6) food chain related to what?

7) compound interest amount=15625,rate=25%,time 2 year then what will be principal?

8) What is stomach acid? Ans. :  Gastric acid.

9) If d=28 then what will be area of semicircle?

10) Where is the pashupatinath temple – Nepal

11) Who is at 2nd level in food chain? Grass, Rat, Snake, Eagle
Ans. : rat

12) Which of the following is not a greenhouse gas?
Methane, Co2,Phosphine,Nitrous oxide

13) Which process repairs injury of body
Mitosis, Meiosis,both, none

14) Part plan for the relief of victims of 2015 tamil nadu flood
Sanitation drive, Rehabilitation for victims

15) Who is H S Prannoy? Ans. :  badminton player.

16) Who is appointed as the brand ambassador of ‘Atulya Bharat’? Ans. : Amitabh Bachchan.

17) Computer can’t work without which of the following? Ans. :  CPU

18) Southern rivers ?

19) Which one is not a storage device? Ans. :  Modem

20) Tom hanks related to what? Ans. :  Films.

21) Forbidden city of china situated at?
Ans. : Beijing.

22) Which device is used to measure current ? Ans. :  Ammeter.

23) Which one of following is not a satellite launching vehicle

24) Who was the member of Apollo XI- Neil Armstrong?

25) Which of the following awards is not received by Sachin tendulkar? Ans. :  Dhyan Chand Award.

26) In 2015 the FDI limit in defence increased from 18% to what %? Ans. :  49%.

27) Mughal Ruler Sequence in reverse order?
Ans. :  Bahadur shah II > Aurangzeb > Shahjahan > Akbar.

28) Bouncing back of rubber ball from a wall is related to
1st law of newton,2nd law of newton,3rd law of newton,None of the above
Ans. :  Newton’s 3rd law.

29) What is the order of rotational symmetry of parallelogram?