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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

The difference between Incorrigible & Irredeemable

☝️The both are used for Somethings/People ,which/who are Bad in a way They Seem Not to be Changed at all.

✍ Incorrigible means Not Able to be Changed or Corrected.

✍ Irredeemable means Not Able to Be Saved or Helped or Made Better.

☝️ Incorrigible is used for Humorous(Hilarious) Cases rather than Serious and Humorless ones.

☝️Irredeemable is Used For More Important Issues that People Worry about, They look Not to be Changed to Better at all.

1⃣ Some Evil People are Irredeemable deep down.
(☝️The matter of Important Issues.)

2⃣ David is an incorrigible liar.
(☝️The matter of Humour and Fun.)