The difference between Penalize & Punish

☝️The both mean to Teach a Lesson to Someone because of Their Wrongdoings and Making them Not Do it Again.

✍ Punish means to Criticize someone by Taking a Fair Action Against them that they Probably deserve due to their Wrong Manner or Act.

✍ Penalize means to Unfairly Punish someone, Maybe they Don't Deserve to Be Treated like that.

1⃣ I was Penalized by my Teacher unreasonably. It made me Shocked why on earth he just penalized me while No one answered his question.
(☝️ I didn't Deserve to Be Treated like this.)

2⃣ My boss punished me, when I made a blunder while calculating the outcomes of the company.(☝️Maybe I was deserved to be punished.)

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