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Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Vocab story :- A Funny Story for Learners of English day-6

Learn English Vocabulary
A Funny Story for Learners of English

Here's a short, funny story for learning vocabulary. As a student of English, you should read this story at least three times. Difficult words are explained in bracket like this (...).

Let's start kp VOCAB STORY

An IRATE ( very Angry) lady ACCOSTS(to approach someone in a very angry manner) a shopkeeper and starts FUMING( saying something angrily). “I sent my Golu to fetch one KG Sweets but they weigh only 800 Grams. You are a SHAM (dishonest, someone who deceives). Your scales and measures are faulty”.

The shopkeeper says in a NONCHALANT and INSOUCIANT ( both means in a relaxed or calm way as if you are least troubled) manner, ” Mam, My measures and scales are IMMACULATE( having no error). Why don't you weigh your Golu”?

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Catch all vocab story form here!!.

Now , friends post sentences(created on your own) having the above vocab story words. by this method you will fix all words in your permanent memory very quickly.