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Friday, 29 July 2016

All About LIC-AAO by Ramesh Jalandhra

All About LIC-AAO by Ramesh Jalandhra.. Working as LIC AAO since 2013...Selected as Examiner through CGL 2015

Guys I am sharing here personal experience about LIC AAO (ASSISTANT ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICER)
First of all as we all know LIC is a huge financial organisation of our country with 100% share of Indian government. LIC's total ASSETS and LIFE FUND value is around 40 Lakh Crore so imagining the vastitude of LIC is beyond the applicability of mind.
LIC recruits AAOs once in two years.I joined LIC as 27th batch DR on 7th November 2013.

A Directly Recruited AAO has to undergo an induction training of Nine months...the training, so called honeymoon period is provisioned by LIC to fill us with vigour to start our Carear with the most noble and magnanimous "THE LIC" .The training generally will be in 8 ZONAL TRAINING CENTERS in India for 6 months of classroom trainning and 3 months of on job rotation (practical) training.

POSTINGS-----------'-After nine months training first posting will be in LIC' s branch offices which are mostly situated at District headquarters and Tehsil Headquarters. LIC has 8 Zone, 113 divisions, 2048 branches. After training your first posting will be in home Zone and 99% in your home state. As AAO you will remain in branch AO you will remain in Branch as well as divisional office 50-50% chance...then ADM and above ADM will be posted in Divisional and Zonal offices only.

You will have to remain minimum 2.5 to 3 years at your place of posting and on completion of 3 years you will definitely be transferred to your desired palace at your Home Branch also with transfer grant equal to your basic pay. Transfers before 3 years are also available for special cases like on spouse base, on parents base( health condition is not good). For interzonal transfer above same conditions are applicable. One person can remain in same branch for maximum 4 years then you will be transferred to nearby branch.

STRUCTURE- --------


LIC employees average age is 48 years today...promotion are quite slow at initial level currently as AAO to AO it will take 6 years then AO to ADM it will take 8-9 years then ADM TO DM it will take 5 years, DM TO SDM 4-5 years, SDM TO ZM (O) 4 years...ZM (O) TO ZM (S) 3 years...then MD And Chairman is Govt of India's post depends on your approach. But as I already stated that average age is 48 years there is huge retirement from 2017 to 2022 after that promotion will become fast and on an average it will become 5 years for every stage.

JOB PROFILE-------------

1_ADMINISTRATIVE Side===After training you will be posted in branch office there are 6 department in branch office I.E--- Policy Servicing department(public dealing 10 to 4 timing, works on issues related to policies as change of address, surrender of policy, revival of policy, loan on policy...adequte work pressure)
Claims department(public dealing, handles work related to payments to policy holder I.e. death claim, maturity claim adequate work load)
Accounts department( No public dealing , validation of vouchers and preparing monthly account statemen, no work load at all)
IT(No public dealing with a separate AC chamber, Full masti)
Office Services(No public dealing, handles work related to employees like preparation of salary, leave records, increment, bill settlement and other miscellaneous expenditure related to branch premises, adventures work)
New business department( deals with agents only, typing work, adequate work on 15th and 30th of month)....
So a AAO will be the head of one one of above said department with 2-3 subordinates(record clerk, assistant,higher grade assistant) or he will work under an AO(head of department).

a AAO can opt for marketing assignment after completion of 2 years of job and you will be called ABM (ASSISTANT BRANCH MANAGER) here you face a little pressure of marketing(only a little) You will get additional benefits personal CAR with maximum price of 7 lakh...mileage for CAR around 7-8 thousands per month and Living accommodation for sure with structure is
CAR limit for BM/ABM is 7 lakh.. ....Manager sales/MM 9 lakh ...SDM/ ZM/MD/CHAIRMAN 12-15 lakh..this car will be yours(For pure personal use) after five years and you will get a new car ....At SDM RANK you will be provided personal CAR without opting for marketing assignments.

WORK CULTURE-----------
6 day week with half Saturday and proposal for 5 day week is pending with finance ministry for approval and will be approved shortly for sure...only four to five hours sincere work is needed to do away with your daily working work load at all...there is no strict rules to politocal and external pressure other income only white money... you will get 24 casual leave ..33 privilege leave and 30 medical leaves.

Heartily Regards

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