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Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Expected Topics for SSC CHSL Descriptive paper and Tips and tricks for essay Letter

Expected Topics for SSC CHSL Descriptive paper                  and Tips and tricks for essay Letter

Q. What is the expected Topic for essay?

-         A little knowledge is dangerous thing.

-       Work is worship

-       Make in india

-       Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

-      Mahatma Gandhi- The Angel of Ahinsa

-      My favorite Author, Book, Movie.....

-      Globalization

-      Woman empowerment

-      Clean india campaign

-      FDI (

-      Population Explosion

-      banking in india

-      Kashmir issue

-      terrorism

-      knowledge is power

-      right to education

-      child labor

-      Black money

-      Rio Olympic

-      GST Bill

-      Inflation

-      1857 revolt

Q. Please provide resources & tips and tricks for essay and letter.
Hello dear, We are providing you some resources form different blog, which really mean for CHSL Descriptive paper.

Q. What is the expected topic for letter/Application ?
-         Prevent road accident
-         To mother’s reply
-         To a friend in a hospital/ about your favourite game. (
-         To your sister/friend about a real or imaginary flight in a space shuttle
-         For issue of a driving license.
-         Protect nature, protect life
-         Tiger in trouble
-         Computer/ mobile- wonders and hazards
-         Suggestions for making school curriculum more flexible and interesting
-         Chaotic state of Traffic on your locality
-         To your uncle on his 70th birthday 

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Gentle Note:- 
If you have downloaded all of these practice as much you can.

Q. What is the pattern of the question paper?
1)    Essay writing of 2oo to 250 words.
2)    Letter (formal and informal) / application writing of approx -150 to 200 words.

Q. Do’s in exam hall?
-         Read the instructions and make sure you understand them before you start writing.
-         Make sure your outline mind map on every aspect required as per the instructions.
-         Make sure each paragraph is unified and in sync with the topic.
-         Stick to word limit.
-         While writing a perfect start, be aware of danger of taking too much time in the introduction only.

Q. Don’ts in exam hall?
-         Refrain from narrating long stories in the essay.
-         Avoid using all capital letter in the heading.
-         Don’t try to write long sentences, it might exalt the possibility of error of sentence or meaning.
-         A mere jumble of irrelevant ideas. Also an essay  giving less prominence to the main theme or undue importance to the non-relevant one will look absurd.
-         Avoid cluttering your sentences with unnecessary words and phrases.

Q. What is the total marks for descriptive paper of CHSL exam?
1oo marks. { This marks will be added in your final merit}

Q. What is the minimum marks for qualify this paper?
  The minimum qualifying marks in Tier-II would be 33 per cent. The  performance  in  Tier  II  would  be included for preparing merit.

 The paper will have to be written either in Hindi or in English. Part  paper  written  in  Hindi  and  Part  in English will not be evaluated.

Q. Marks of descriptive paper will be added or not in merit?
Marks will be added in your final merit

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