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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Free Download Banking Crack Book

Hello dear,capture
Had you listened a big propaganda of doing a business in the name of free ebooks?

Selling Copied Content With price Tag?

Here is the example,
A Telegram Channel created some Looters and in the name of free ebooks they start selling ebook with price tag of 129 rs. to attract newbie and innocent aspirant.

Lets see their wording

GovernmentAdda Banking Crack Book For Pre Exam

guarantee that you will easily crack IBPS Pre exam if you follow this book. You will easily get 70+ marks in ibps pre.
What a Joke: Cpoied content and they give guarantee. 
Many people waste their time on the Internet under the pretext of downloading Free study material and books for  exam. I hope you are not one of them.

Stop Wasting Time Looking For Free Books

(and you copy content and sell, what a bombastic propaganda)

If you are smart, you will appreciate that a book is more than just information. It is “organized” information.

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Download Banking Crack book by Looters academy. 

This is the resources they used to sell their ebooks, we also indicated the link on the pdf too.

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Thanks a lot dear for exposing such guys who use cheap tactics fr making money by crooked means n selling education in name of copied material superb job..regards sph