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Monday, 26 September 2016

GK Questions Asked in Bank of Baroda 25 September 2016

GK Questions Asked in Bank of Baroda BMSB PO 2016-17 - 25.09.2016 
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1. Rank of india in FDI?
Ans: 10th

2. Rank of Urjit Patel in Rbi governer list?
Ans: 24th governor

3. RBI portal?
Ans: Sachet

4. BSNL partership with?
Ans: Quadgen

5.Who is MHRD minister?
Ans: Prakash Javdekar

6. Who is SBI MD?
Ans: Dinesh Kumar khara

7. CRR Rate?
Ans: 4%

8.Latest App of SBI?
Ans: Mingle app
9. How many Indian companies in Fortune 500?
Ans: 7

10. Saudi Arabia Bank in which State?
Ans: Gujrat ( Ahemdabad)

11. Small Scale Buisness Range?
Ans: 10 lakh to 5 crore

12. Interest rate on Loan to woman working group?
Ans: 7%

13. RBI scheme?
Ana: S4A Scheme for Sustainable Structuring of Stressed Assets

14. Four countries who got loan from AIIB?
Ans: Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Tajikistan

15. IDB bank setting first branch where in Gujarat?
Ans: Ahmedabad

16. ICC member?
Ans: Sunil bharti
17. Monoco F1 Race winner?
Ans: Lewis Hamilton
18. NDB is headed by?
Ans: KV Kamath

19. Governor of Meghalaya?
Ans: V. Shanmuganathan

20. Committee on Border Security?
Ans: Madhukar Gupta

21. Inflation Prediction by govt of India in next 5 years?
Ans: 4%

22. Maximum amount in small account?
Ans: 50000

23. First GST state?
Ans: Assam

24. ODD one out SBI merger?
Ans: SBS

25. Domestic Systemically Important Banks (DSIB) related?
Ans: In the first step, the sample of banks to be assessed for systemic importance has to be decided. The selection of banks in the sample for computation of SIS is based on analysis of their size as a percentage of annual GDP.

26. World Humanitarian Day?
Ans: 19th August

27. Kawal tiger reserve?
Ans: Telangana

28. HDFC launches?
Ans: Smartup

29. Maximum amount in saving account?
Ans: 1 lakh

30. Green bond?
Ans: Axis bank

31. SBI and Reliance share in patement bank?
Ans: While RIL is the promoter with 70%, SBI will have an equity investment of 30%.

32. Which Indian player got Rio Olympic bronze Medal?
Ans: Sakshi Malik

33. No. of Bank included in UPI?
Ans: 21

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