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Sunday, 16 October 2016

Complete Analytics of IBPS PO Pre 2016 Exam – 16th October 2016 + [Questions Asked in Exam]

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Complete Analytics of IBPS PO Pre 2016 Exam – 16th October 2016
Today is the first day of IBPS po exam 2016.  It has conducted the Preliminary exam for the post of  Probationary Officers (PO). The exam is being conducted in 4 slots on various shifts i.e 9 am, 11.30 am, 2 pm, 4.30 pm. Most of you have appeared for the same. The overall level of today’s exam was of moderate level.

Download Memory Based Question Uploaded by Carrer Power
For English Language Practice Set CLICK HERE

For Quantitative Aptitude Practice Set CLICK HERE
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Here is the paper Pattern [Total Time = 1 hour]
1) English = 30 Questions
2) Quantitative aptitude = 35 Questions
3) Reasoning = 35 Question.

Here is the Section Wise Analytics
I. English (35 Questions)
1. Reading Comprehension –
1 slot – RC was based on Economy (Moderate) – 5 Qs
2nd slot – RC  (Moderate) – 8Qs
3rd slot – RC – (Moderate) (Based on Globalisation) – 8Qs
Note: No Antonym Synonym was asked
2. Cloze test
1 slot – Cloze test – 10 Qs (Easy) based on Economy
2nd slot – Cloze Test – 7 Questions (Moderate)  (Based on Britain Exit)
3rd slot – Cloze Test – 7 Questions (Moderate)  
3. Parajumble – 5 Qs (Easy to Moderate) Environment based
4. Spotting Error – 10 Qs (Easy to Moderate)

II. Reasoning Ability (35 Qs)
1. Puzzle (floor based) – 5 Qs – (Moderate) – 1st slot
2. Arrangement / Puzzle – 
  • 1st slot- Seating arrangement (circular)- 5 Qs facing inward outward (5 inside and 3 outside) (Moderate)
  • 2nd slot Puzzle and Arrangement – 15 Questions (Moderate) (Building arrangement and Circular arrangement)
  • 3rd slot – Puzzle and Sitting Arrangement– 15 Questions (Moderate – Difficult) (Floor based, Circular Arrangement)
3. Linear Seating Arrangement – 5 Qs – 8 persons facing north south
4. Inequality (Direct)5 Qs
5. Direction – 3 Qs (Easy t0 moderate)
6. Blood Relation 3 Qs (Moderate) 
7. Syllogism – 5 Qs
8. Rest Miscellaneous

III. Quantitative Aptitude (35 Qs)
1. Number Series – 5 Qs 
2. Data Interpretation –
  • 1st slot – 2 set (10 Qs)  – One Line Grpah & Table graph DI  (Calculative)
  • 2nd slot – 2 set (10 Qs) – (Easy to Moderate) (Line and Tabular graphs)
  • 3rd slot –  (2 Sets) – 10 Questions  (Easy to Moderate) (Tabular based)
Note: No Missing DI
3. Approximation – 5 Qs (Easy)
4. Quadratic Equation – 5 Qs (Easy)
5. Miscellaneous –  10 Qs (Moderate)
Some topics – Time & work, Profit & Loss
Number Series Questions Asked in Exam 1st Shift
6,16,45,184,915. ?   


15,21,38,65,101 ,?   

14, 6, 4, 4, 8, 

Shift 2 series
12 19 35 59 90 _

4 10 27 112 555_

16 7 5 6 16_

19 23 14 30 5 _

15 22 36 64 _232

1st shift cloze test:
Big ideas come from tackling big problems. When one is confronted with an overwhelming task, it’s pieces. Business jargon is full of phrases about that, like “pilot projects” and “low-hanging fruit.” They have their place, but in the repertory of management practice, they should share their place with bold approaches to big challenges. Much of today’s most valuable management knowledge came from wrestling with such issues. The most complicated workplace in the middle of the last century was the automobile assembly plant. Drawn to its complexity where Peter F. Drucker, W. Edwards Deming, and Taiichi Ohno, among others. The work they and their disciples did, applied in industry after industry, is the basis of the best that we know about operations, managing people, innovation, organizational design, and much more.
The most complex workplaces are tertiary care hospitals. These vast enterprises employ tens of thousands of people who, under one roof, do everything from neurosurgery to laundry. Each patient – that is to say, each “job” — calls on a different set of people with a different constellation of skills; even when the two patients have the same diagnosis, success may be measured differently. This is complexity of an order of magnitude greater than automobile assembly, and anyone who has been hospitalized knows that management has thus far been unequal to the scope of task. The workers, managers, consultants, and scholars who crack this nut will reshape industries and institutions just as profoundly as Drucker, Deming, and Ohno did.

First Shift Para Jumble:
1. Carbon sinks, 70% forest cover, powered almost entirely by mountain streams—Bhutan is a poster child for green living.
2. It is the only country in the world that is carbon negative, which means it produces more oxygen than it consumes. 
3. So far, so good. But then, two things happened.
4. One, India and China got richer.
5. Bhutan, sandwiched between the two most populous nations on Earth, suffers for their sins.
6. Glaciers are beginning to melt, flash floods and heavy rains—and even droughts—are common, and temperatures are climbing

Analytics From Ardent Aspirant

According to 1st day 1st show...
If ibps ki surgical strike se bachna chaho to...
Strategy for ibps po pre...
1.) Start with English (do in 15 min max)
-- First do errors
-- cloze test in 5 mins 
Cloze test is tricky first read it thoroughly thn do
--thn go for rearrange - little tricky but read it patiently u will be able to do in 4-5 mins
NOTE- go for passage only whn u r good in reading as questions like authors opinion, central idea of passage etc are coming
2.) Thn go for reasoning (do in 20 mins)
Attempt these first
------- syllogism
----- inequality
------ blood relation
------ directions
------ other miscellaneous except puzzle
U will be able to do 19 questions easily leaving puzzle in 18 mins..
I have not attempted the puzzle so no idea of it but the north south one was looking comparatively easy.
3.) Maths in the last (atleast 20 mins give to it-- i did it in 25 mins)
Start attempting with
-- inequality- easy 5 questions
-- number series - u can do it by finding difference between two consecutive terms and one logic was *2+2 *3-3 *4+4 *5-5
---approximations - easy do all
--- DI - one line graph and one table - do both- easy - leave 1-2 lengthy questions
-- rest are miscellaneous.. From miscellaneous do ages, profit loss, train if have time..
Best of luck to all !! 
& ibps pr attack krke aana..

Feel Free to share your questions and view.
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