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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Interview Tips and Study Materials Download for IBPS PO

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First of all Best wishes for Interview, we wish your result. Many aspirants asking us to provide studys stuffs related to interview, so we here with plethora of PDF.

The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed.  J
The main Question often arises is what the interviewer going to note in the interview. It is mainly intended to judge following qualities:

Must Needed Qualities
1. Behavior (Most important)
2. Temperament
3. Leadership Quality
4. Ability to handle Pressure and also give your best under extremely stressful conditions
5. Family Background
6. Educational Background
7. Knowledge about banking sector

Besides these, there are some crucial things that should be taken care of before the interview:
1. Get all your documents in order
2. Revise the Basics of your Graduation Subject
3. Read Newspapers Daily
4. Get to know yourself
5. Learn to say "No" in a polite manner
6. Dress well but not lavishly
7. Be Yourself (
8. Don't Overburden yourself with banking terms
9. Sleep Well the Night before Interview

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During an interview a candidate should be prudent about certain things, which make or mar your chances. These are:
1. Do dress smartly.
2. Do look bright and attentive.
3. Do speak clearly and confidently.
4. Do appear lively and interested.
5. Do reach the interview venue on time or early.
6. Do greet the panel members and remember the lady member should be greeted first.
7. Do knock the door and ask for permission while entering the room.
8. Do maintain an eye contact with the interviewer while answering.
9. Do keep your answers focused on benefit of Organization.
10. Do stress your achievements. (
11. Do thank the panel for the interview.

1. Do not indulge in an argument with the panel member.
2. Do not treat panel members as your friends i.e. do not be very much frank.
3. Do not criticize your former employee and colleagues.
4. Do not make a controversial statement about religion, politics and gender.
5. Do not bring personal or family issues.
6. Do not answer a question with Yes or No, instead explain the answer.
7. Do not act as you are desperate for the job.
8. Do not lose your nerve when stuck in an unexpected question.
9. Do not lie, always try to be genuine. (
10. Do not discuss the salary or benefits of job.

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