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Saturday, 31 March 2018

SSC CGL Tier-III Descriptive Paper (Double Dose & Tips + Study Materials + Expected Essays)

SSC CGL Tier-III Descriptive Paper (Double Dose & Tips + Study Materials + Expected Essays)

Hello Dear, We hope your tier-2 exam is over in mid of chaos of lots of so called cheating, bugling and fraudulent, But As we know we don’t have option than to study hard. So letting this all we are here to provide you plethora of study stuffs for your ssc cgl tier-3 exam. We hope this will help you to fetch more marks. We are here with complete overview of Tier-III along with Tips for writing, Important topics for essay, suggestions on best book and free e-books.

The Tier-III of SSC CGL 2016 which would be a descriptive paper of 100 marks in ‘Pen & Paper Mode’ will be tentatively held on 15th January, 2017.

The Tier-III Stage of  SSC CGL 2016, which would be a descriptive paper of 100 marks in ‘Pen & Paper Mode’ will be held on 15th September, 2016 in the forenoon session( 10.00 A.M. to 11.00 A.M.)

What is the pattern of the question paper?
1)    Essay writing of 2oo to 250 words.
2)    Letter (formal and informal) / application writing of approx -150 to 200 words.
3)    The minimum qualifying marks in Tier-II would be 33 percent [33%] . The performance  in  Tier  II  would  be included for preparing merit.
4)    The paper will have to be written either in Hindi or in English.  Partly  paper  written  in  Hindi  and  Partly  in English will not be evaluated.

What are the total marks allotted for descriptive paper of SSC CGL Tier 3 Paper 2016?
1oo marks. {This marks will be added in your final merit}

What are topics, should we have to prepare for essay?
Expected Topics for SSC CGL Descriptive paper
Answer area of this question is very vast no one exactly point, that will be the topic but we can guess only what the topic will be:
 - Demonization
- Surgical Strike
- Cyber security
- Black Money
- Globlization
- Current Affiars        
- Woman empowerment
- Clean india campaign
- FDI [
- Population Explosion     
- banking in india
- Kashmir issue
- terrorism
- knowledge is power
- right to education
- child labour
- Black money
- Rio Olympic
- GST Bill
- Inflation
- 1857 revolt
These are a few topics for an example, you have to prepare at least these topics.

Best Books For SSC CGL Tier III (Descriptive Paper)

151 Essays
 By Arihant Publications (Suggested by UPSC Topper Tina Dabi)

Contemporary Essay Tata Mc Grow Hills Publications (Suggested by UPSC Topper Tina Dabi)

Nibandh Manjusa
 Tata Mc Grow Hills Publications (Hindi)

Letter Writing:

A HandBook for letter writing by Arihant Publications

Aadhunik Patra Lekhan by Arihant Publications (Hindi)

What are the Tips and Tricks, to prepare essay?
- Read Newspapers daily (Prefer The Hindu or The Indian Express)
- Practice is the key of success, so practice as much you can.
- Try to draw your idea, argument on the topic in rough work, first arrange them in a logical order then start writing.
- Stick to word limit. [Must important]. 10 to 20 words Either less or more is permissible.
- Pay your heed (attention) to correct use of grammar.
- Once you have finished writing, check for grammatical errors, repetition, spelling mistakes. If you found any error than cut them with a single line refrain to blur and double triple cut.
  • Read Newspapers daily: Before indulging in writing practice, you need to know how you should write in order to take your point home to the examiner. Newspapers give a very good idea about the way you should approach the paper. Read the newspaper daily in order to understand the effective way of writing. For candidates in Hindi, follow the Hindi standard newspapers whereas for English, follow English newspapers with standard English language such as Times of India, The Hindu, The Indian Express etc
  • Try to first form your argument on a topic: This is the first thing you have to do whenever you are going to write on a topic. So, try to first jot down the points on paper and try to relate them in one way or the other. This will help you understand the flow of argument in the topic. And based on that, you can write
  • Try to write in correct language: It is not to be seen from your responses how fancy your language is but the thing that the examiner wants to evaluate is how you can apply the right language at the right place. The test is about your application of your chosen language not the test of your vocabulary knowledge of that language. So, write correct language rather than fancy language
  • Practice writing: This is the ultimate thing in order to succeed in anything since only practice makes a man perfect. Practice writing on the topics given in the notification such as essay, précis, letter etc. You will get confidence and that will help you in the examination centre as well
  • Get your writing evaluated: Try to get your essay or letter evaluated from different persons so that you get an idea about the areas you need to work on. Writing these things is subjective and that is why, getting them evaluated from various persons will help you get different points of view that will help you in making yourself better in every aspect
  • Write what you know: This is one thing you need to keep in mind all the time since you will not know each and everything regarding a topic. It becomes a tendency of the candidates then to write whatever comes to their minds. Do not try to even think about it, write whatever you know, don’t write only to fill the pages of the answer sheet. The test is introduced so that the commission can check the writing ability of the candidates as these candidates will need to write official communiqué once they are selected for the job
    The descriptive paper is a boon for candidates who are good at communicating their thoughts and ideas. On the other hands, people who are not very good at it already can muster the art of doing so by doing simple things like learning how to write first and then write accordingly. This paper will be very crucial in determining your rank since this is a subjective paper and you can never be sure of the evaluator and his or her way of marking. So, brace up for the challenge, write and write till you feel that it is a cakewalk for you to write on any given topic. Success will not betray you

    Free EBooks to Download for SSC CGL Tier-3

    Click Here for Essay-Writing Tips for SSC-CHSL Descriptive Test by Ankul Sir

    Click Here [Paramount Coaching Center]

    Click Here  [SSC Tube]

    Click Here [K D Campus]

    Click Here SSC Forum Hindi essay writing material

    Free Essay Books Download
    Click Here to Download English e-book Essay Writing for English Tests (Gabi Duig)

    Click Here to Download English Essay by SriRams IAS

    Click Here to Download English e-book How to write great essay by Learning Express

    Q. What is the expected topic for letter/Application ?
    -         How to curb Black Money
    -         Demonetization and its effects
    -         Prevent road accident
    -         To mother’s reply
    -         To a friend in a hospital/ about your favourite game. (
    -         To your sister/friend about a real or imaginary flight in a space shuttle
    -         For issue of a driving license.
    -         Protect nature, protect life
    -         Tiger in trouble
    -         Computer/ mobile- wonders and hazards
    -         Suggestions for making school curriculum more flexible and interesting
    -         Chaotic state of Traffic on your locality
    -         To your uncle on his 70th birthday

    Free Letter Books/Material to Study

    Click Here for Letter Writing Notes by Ankul Sir

    Q. Do’s in exam hall?
    -         Read the instructions and make sure you understand them before you start writing.
    -         Make sure your outline mind map on every aspect required as per the instructions.
    -         Make sure each paragraph is unified and in sync with the topic.
    -         Stick to word limit.
    -         While writing a perfect start, be aware of danger of taking too much time in the introduction only.

    Q. Don’ts in exam hall?
    -         Refrain from narrating long stories in the essay.
    -         Avoid using all capital letter in the heading.
    -         Don’t try to write long sentences, it might exalt the possibility of error of sentence or meaning.
    -         A mere jumble of irrelevant ideas. Also an essay  giving less prominence to the main theme or undue importance to the non-relevant one will look absurd.
    -         Avoid cluttering your sentences with unnecessary words and phrases.

    Q. What is the total marks for descriptive paper of SSC CGL exam?
    1oo marks. { This marks will be added in your final merit}

    Q. What is the minimum marks to qualify this paper?
      The minimum qualifying marks in Tier-II would be 33 per cent. The  performance  in  Tier  II  would  be included for preparing merit.

     The paper will have to be written either in Hindi or in English. Part  paper  written  in  Hindi  and  Part  in English will not be evaluated.

    Q. Marks of descriptive paper will be added or not in merit?
    Marks will be added in your final merit

     Further query, drop a comment!



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