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Questions asked on Railway [RRB] NTPC Mains 2016 on 17 January 2017 [All Shift]

GK/GS Questions Asked on RRB NTPC MAINS 2016 (SHIFT 1) on 17-01-2017
                                 GK/GS Questions Asked on RRB NTPC MAINS 2016 (SHIFT 1) on 17-01-2017

1.   8th BRICS summit has held at?
2.   Carbon negative country declared?
3.   How many States and union territories have coast?
4.    Who is the CEO of NITI Aayog
5.    Bombela devi is associated with which Game
6.    Climate change summit 2015 was held at?
7.    Gandhar art developed in which era?
8.   12th ice sketing championship?
9.     Number of judges in SC according to act 2009(11)
10.  Messenger left from which solar station?
11.   Ajantha caves situated?
12.   Environment protection act was forced in which year?
13.   Gandhara art belongs to which regime?
14.  Laskhadweep is a group of how many islands?
15. Full form of GUI. []
16.  Nanda Devi peak is situated where?
17. Railways mascot?
18.  What is the name of the highest peak of South India?
19. Question pertaining to Mughal Period
20. Question related to Buddha
21. Who discovered electron?
22. Radio communication in which layer of atmosphere?
23. Who was awarded the title of Mr. India for 2016?
24. Who painted the painting Bharat Mata?
25. Surface tension, cohesive force related.
26. When did Simon Commission first come to India?

Review from one of Knowledge Philic ardent aspirant

RRB NTPC 17/01/2016 SHIFT 7.30 AM

Arithmetic: Question level-Easy
Questions asked mainly on Simple and Compound interest,Percentage, Profit and loss,DI,mean,HCF LCM..about 40% questions on this

General intelligence:
Question level-very easy
Mainly syllogism (4-6),Alphabetical type(3-5),One circular arrangement,Blood relation(4),odd out(3-4)...

Current affairs are bit tricky and static are easy
Questions on syllogism (4-5),No mirror an

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Keep in Mind:
  • Candidates faced difficulty in today’s paper owing to the lack of preparation in GK only. GK would definitely give you that extra edge towards attaining your goal of succeeding in these mains exam.
  • Current affairs are being asked till the year 2015, so you aspirants are duly requested to prepare the current affairs for acing this section.
  • Focus on polity and geography, along with awardees should be the main concern while preparing for this section

GK/GS Questions Asked on RRB NTPC MAINS 2016 (SHIFT 2) on 17-01-2017

1. Ashok chakra-2016 havldar Hanuman Dada
2. Indian festival award best actrss-sonam kapoor
3. IOC first lady member neeta. Ambani
4. Kalam book - the tree...
5. Bio CNG plant inaugurated in pune by manoj parihkar+jaitley
6. slowest train india- South ki train h malyaapa se
7. capital of daman and diev-daman
8. player football SE related
9. applet-java programming tool
10. phankton-software []
11. gondwana samudri udhan-gujrat,Tamilnadu
12. constitutional power of Indian Union-president
13. 2020 olympic-tokyo
14. Microsoft Windows current opn.stop-esc,end,delete
15. top10 clean railway station inme sekonsa nhi h
16. finance minisyer ko rh chuka h-pranavmukherji ,3 option
17. vande matram-original language sanskrit
18. el nino-pacific ocean
19. good conductor- graphite
20. Indus civilization-bronze period
21. VLSI full form
22. Purvi kila kiska Nam tha mughal period -Agra,Amer,2option
23. best railway station2014-15 swm,pune
24. 49th tiger reserve konsa declare
25. puducherry governor thi 2015-kiran bedi
26. haridwar ship jalawatran kiya h
27. thar desert extension konse state m nhi h-himachal
28. Indus valley spread -Western India&Pakistan
29. food related konsa glt h-organic substance,inorganic h,chemical reaction take place
30. noble2016-psycology

GK/GS Questions Asked on RRB NTPC MAINS 2016 (SHIFT 3) on 17-01-2017

1.            Rrb chairman
2.            Which is the newest tiger reserve in India
3.            manikarnika nick name-Laxmibai
4.            ISRO chairman in 2015
5.            Daman Diu capital,
6.            Who is the executive head of indian union....Prime minister or president???
7.            Which book is written by Kalam sir
8.            Ashoka chakra in 2016
9.            Troy of eastern fort
10.          Nobel in medicine in 2015
11.          Rrb chairman []
12.          Which is the newest tiger reserve in India
13.          manikarnika nick name-Laxmibai
14.          ISRO chairman in 2015
15.          Daman Diu capital,
16.          Bio CNG station in Pune inaugurated by,
17.          slowest train in India
18.          VLSI full form
19.          Which book is written by Kalam sir
20.          Ashoka chakra in 2016
21.          Railway board chairman

22.          Whom did bhagat singh kill -Sandersan 

Paper Pattern:

GK/GS      : Approx 48 Questions
Maths        : Approx 43 Questions
Reasoning : Approx 31 Questions

That means Approx 75 questions from maths and reasoning section.