Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Questions asked on Railway [RRB] NTPC Mains 2016 on 18 January 2017 [All Shift]

GK/GS Questions Asked on RRB NTPC MAINS 2016 (SHIFT 1) on 18-01-2017

Questions asked on Railway [RRB] NTPC Mains 2016 on 18 January 2017 [All Shift]

•        Who was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2016. Juan Manuel Santos
•        Who won the America Copa? Chile National football team
•        In which year was the Rowlatt Acts passed? 1919
•        In which year was ISRO set up? 1969
•        One of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia is?
•        (Choice based) Not a bitmap extension?
•        Which Veda includes medical knowledge?
•        Hypothalamus is in which part of the body?
•        Who is RBI’s new governor? []
•        How many presidents has India seen till date?
•        What is the minimum age of governor(rajyapal)? 35 years
•        Which particle has the same mass as an electron? Electron
•        WHo was the first speaker of Lok Sabbha
•        What is escape velocity ? 11.2 km/s
•        Leader of Majority in Lok Sabha is....
•        Cause of Utrakhand Fire []
•        Why was home rule movement was organised
•        Which country got independence from Britain in 1986
•        Which of the following island not in lakkadeep - ammini / niel / minicoye / kavarrati

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GK/GS Questions Asked on Railway RRB NTPC MAINS 2016 (SHIFT 2) on 18-01-2017

1.         What is the anti-matter of Electron? – Positron
2.         Who is CEO of PepsiCo – Indra Nooyi
3.         Khangchendzonga National Park is located in? – Sikkim
4.         Which of the following is Indian Shooter? – Anjali Bhagwat
5.         Stock Exchange in our country is controlled by – SEBI
6.         In how many cities was Jantar Mantar built? – 5 cities
7.         Kailasanatha temple was built during which period – 685-705 AD
8.         Indus water treaty was signed in which year? – 1960 []
9.         National Geophysical research institute headquarters are located at – Hyderabad
10.       Which state has highest sugarcane production? – UP
11.       What is the minimum age to become CM of state? – 25 years
12.       What causes rusting of iron? – Oxidation
13.       Who had earned the title “Lady with lamp” – Florence Nightingale (Anna Neagle)
14.       Three primary colours are – Blue, Green and Red
15.       No. of heart chambers in fish- 2

 Keep in Mind:
•        Current affairs are the main hype for this section. Today 2016’s current affairs were also asked as opposed to that of the previous day session, where 2015 was in main focus.
•        Aspirants are duly requested to prepare the current affairs for acing this section.
•        Candidates faced difficulty in today’s paper owing to the lack of preparation in GK only. GK would definitely give you that extra edge towards attaining your goal of succeeding in these mains exam.

•        Focus on polity and geography, along with awardees should be the main concern while preparing for this section.

NOTE: We will keep on updating this scheme as soon as we receive any further updates from the students. Kindly bookmark this page for reading more about the analysis.

You are all further requested to point out any anomalies and help us update this page accordingly.
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