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Tuesday, 19 September 2017

The weather forecast of MBA education in India

The weather forecast of MBA education in India

MBA is becoming like a academic reputation for people to boost the ego rather than the educational course. MBA had become a most common thing nowadays, people complete post graduation from Top Distance MBA colleges in india just to gain a master's degree. Study suggest that 93 percent of MBA graduates are unemployed, this is caused due to lack of entrepreneurial skills nd innovative ideas.

The weather forecast of MBA education in India

India is fast developing country and there is more demand for MBA professionals.  Due to more demand for MBA in market, resulted in the more number of B-school in India. Lack of best knowledgeable and experienced faculties resulting in the incompletely trained candidates. There are lots of demands for MBA students according to SNAP 2018, but the organization are looking for professionally skilled and talented graduates.

MBA completed students needs to have skills like entrepreneurship, innovative marketing , good interpersonal skills, so on. But the students completed the course in Top MBA colleges with the mindset of achieving good grade without grasping any required knowledge. Students need to take up leadership role where they have to understand and operate according to the needs of the modern days according to SNAP 2018.

It is also important that management schools devote considerable attention to improving the student's communication abilities, particularly in English. The demand is strong in India and worldwide for graduates who develop the potential to take on leadership roles in the international business arena. Students need to pay attention on the english communication, should be able be give a presentation in front of live audience and these are the few key factors where the students are lagging behind.

India is growing in a rapid speed and there are lots of new business that are coming day by day. Due to lack of administrative and entrepreneurial skills the business are going down very quickly, causing others to take a step back. Most of students apply for MBA as soon as they complete their graduation so that they don’t want to waste time. Without  any basic knowledge like what the course will consist of, what kind of industry that they will be hired by, what sort of talent and skills they need to gain. Students needs to be more cautious while making decision to join MBA with it’s boons and cons.

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