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Friday, 6 October 2017

Go-Karting in India

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Go-karting is the safest way for a person to experience the thrill of racing. If you are an “adrenaline rush” kind of guy than you must try go-karting at least once in your lifetime. There are many chances that it may become a regular habit for you. The car with very small, broad and flat tires which can clear the corners like a sword will give one, the experience of racing. The reach of go-karting among the Indians is very less compared to their foreign counterparts so that the market for the sport in India is very less.When we witness the European countries an estimated three lakh people enjoy go karting in over 1000 circuits every day.
Go-Karting in India

The perception that racing is a dangerous game is one of the major threats to its growth. Many motorsport champions like Michael Schumacher, Jean Alesi, Nigel Mansell, Gerhard Berger and the legendary Ayrton Senna have started their career in go-karting. There is a wide range of opportunities hiding in the sport and one can make their professional career in go-karting. But there is only a countable number of tracks for go karting in India which is not an encouraging factor for the professional drivers. In India Destination point in Faridabad, near New Delhi was the first circuit for go-karting and later it opened its branches in many cities. Because of the enormous opportunities underlying in it, many entrepreneurs are looking at investing in the sport. While the space required is minimal, the import of machinery is a major expenditure. With the development of the sport, Indian manufacturers will also come into the game and it will benefit the whole industry.

Children between the ages of 12-17 are the target audience of the sport but because of its dangerousness and their concentration on preparing for JEE MAIN, NEET 2018, CAT etc., makes it very difficult to attract them. Many education institutions like INSEE started conducting Go karting events for the college students which enables them to manufacture the kart on their own and participate. It can bring a major breakthrough in the go karting industry in India.
Learning to go karting is not easy as we think. It’s an art. Unlike preparing for competitive exams like JEE MAIN 2018, NEET, it needs on-field practice including how to handle the psychological pressure your rivals will put you on.

There are some famous go karting schools which can train you effectively. One of its kind Meco Motorsport, based in Chennai and run by old hand Akbar Ebrahim. He is the first formula 3 racer from India. The karting training at Meco Motorsports is divided into three levels, all designed specifically to help a racer get his basics right before progressing to the next step. And while Ebrahim is considered one of the best karting trainers and driver coaches in the country, he also has a reputation for being a taskmaster and an instructor who doesn't suffer fools. But then again, if you can survive his karting school you're likely to have an answer to whether you're good enough to play in the big league or whether you ought to stay a hobby karter. You'll have learned a lot by the end of it!