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5 Kinds of Dictionaries that Will Give You Flatly Different Definitions

5 Kinds of Dictionaries that Will Give You Flatly Different Definitions

Dictionaries are very helpful tools to assist you in navigating through the complex world of language, especially when it comes to the definition and meaning of a word. Some words can have multiple meanings, and that is often why dictionaries are referenced. However, did you know that different dictionaries can provide different meanings? Take the word area for example and see how different dictionaries provide various definitions!
5 Kinds of Dictionaries that Will Give You Flatly Different Definitions

1. Standard Dictionary

A standard or typical dictionary is used for everyday language that is not commonly referencing meanings with attached slang or field-specific – such as medical terminology – characteristics. Some typical dictionaries include Oxford and Webster. The first Oxford definition of area is “a region or part of a town, a country, or the world”. So, standard definitions first reference area with geographical meaning.

2. Urban Dictionary

Urban dictionaries define words more commonly with meanings in slang or “street talk”. Often, it is improperly using a word in the eyes of standard dictionaries and forming it into a meaning of how people can casually use the word. For example, the top definition for area refers to a woman’s genital parts. So instead of referencing a geological location, the Urban definition defines a part of the female anatomy.

3. Scientific Dictionary

As it sounds, a scientific definition focuses on the language of science. This can include fields like chemistry, biology, physics and much more. Frequently, these specific subjects correlate with mathematical science. In both math and physics, an area is the number of surface cover or space. So, it is a measurement of a given surface.

4. Business Dictionary

Like a scientific dictionary, a business dictionary is geared towards a specific field – business. The business world has a different perspective on world operations – like legality, manufacturing, operations, human resources, and so much more. The word area is also branched into numerous specifications for this field. For example, a business area represents part of a company’s operations while an area pattern identifies how a trend moves. So, areas are correlated to a business’ operations and interests.

5. Medical Dictionary

The health field and medical world also have a different outlook in language terminology as business does. Definitions often relate to correlations with medical practice like medicine, disease, treatment, diagnosis, specialized health, and more. An area is referenced to anatomy like in the Urban dictionary. However, it is not limited to a specific gender or place. Usually, it refers to a focused part. For example, the area of the body that burned like an arm or infection in the eye.
Overall, there are hundreds of different kinds of dictionaries that are specialized for a specific field area. For example, someone needing technical terminology in mechanics probably won’t reference definition made for legal terminology. To get the right definition from the right dictionary, you have to take the context of what the word is used for into consideration. Good luck!
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